Real Housewives of Potomac’s Michael Darby Admits Bumping Cameraman, Denies Groping Him + Wife Continues To Support Him: I Was Sexually Abused As A Child, So I Don’t Take These Things Lightly!

Ashely & Michael Darbey

Michael Darby Speaks Out For The First Time Since Being Accused Of Sexual Assault

Michael Darby has decided to speak out after being accused of sexual assault. In September, the reality star and husband to Real Housewives of Potomac’s Ashley Darby, was charged for allegedly groping a BRAVO TV cameraman’s butt. While the case was ongoing, the BRAVO network placed the 51-year-old real estate developer under suspension, although he denied he ever committed the act. Eventually, charges were dismissed due to there not being enough evidence. Michael details his account on what happened.

There were a 100 people at an event; cameras everywhere, outdoor event at the Samuel’s house. But there would have been witnesses who would have seen it. In fact, the complaint referenced two witnesses in a hearing we had, and those two witnesses he didn’t bring to the hearing. And subsequently, I have received affidavits from those two witnesses saying they saw nothing and they would have seen or heard something had something had happened.


Obviously, his side of the story was not true. As you imagine, there was probably some reason he did all this.

He continues,

During the filming, I had to go out and take a photograph. I was inside and I moved to go out, and I did bump into the cameraman. I presumed it was that cameraman, I don’t really know him, we’ve both filmed with him a couple of dates. Bumped into him and he said, ‘Don’t do that.’ And I said, ‘I’m sorry,’ and we moved on. It was instantaneous.

Ashely & Michael Darbey

When asked how he plans to move forward, he responds”

Well, my name is cleared. I didn’t do anything. There was a prosecutor that didn’t have evidence to say I did anything, so he threw it out. I’m completely exonerated and completely cleared. The problem is there were some press outlets that stated I was arrested, that was completely inaccurate. You can’t be arrested if you can’t get through a system for the Montgomery county prosecutor office to be able to charge me. That hurt me.

Ashely & Michael Darbey

His wife, Ashley says she witnessed the entire situation.

I was at the incident in question. I was literally looking at Michael when this allegedly took place. I would have seen if something like that had happened.  And I have experienced sexual abuse as a child, so I don’t take those things lightly, by any means. If I felt my husband had did anything like to that nature, of course I would definitely address it, and I wouldn’t be as supportive as I am, but I know the truth.

She continued,

This definitely crossed a line. It didn’t me jade me per say, but it certainly made me think twice whether or not we made the right decision to do the show. In the long run, I’m not going to  let someone ruin Michael and I just because they want to create a false allegation about my husband. No one is going to ruin our lives.

When asked if she felt her and her husband were targeted specifically she responded,

We are targeted quite a bit on the franchise, and that’s because we are both very outgoing and outspoken people. So, I think naturally it might happen.

During the interview, Michael also stated that the cameraman, Orville Palmer, quit the day after he attempted to file charges. He added that Ashley’s safety was also under a close eye after it was uncovered Palmer had gotten Ashley’s cell phone number. The married couple are currently filming for the fourth season of Real Housewives of Potomac.

Authored by: Andre Palmer