Jeannie Mai Bursts Into Tears – I Wish I Never Married My Husband!

Jeannie Mai Bursts Into Tears – I Wish I Never Married My Husband

Things got super REAL, this week on The Real. One of the show’s co-hosts, Jeannie Mai, got super emotional when talking about the dissolve of her marriage to Freddy Harteis. The hosts were discussing what they wish they had known sooner and Jeannie admitted that she wish that she didn’t walk down the aisle with her future ex husband.

She explained in between tears,

knowing what I know now about who I married I wouldn’t have married him….

EXCLUSIVE: The Real's Jeannie Mai Divorcing Husband

Jeannie Mai & husband Freddy Harteis

She added,

I don’t mean to get that serious but I’m just saying this out there because it’s just crazy you hear all the time that money can change people well divorce can really change people.

See the clip below.

theJasmineBRAND broke the story earlier this year that after ten years, Jeannie and Freddy split. Jeannie recently opened up about their divorce, noting that it had been difficult.

Things turned when money got involved and ego. This is where you learn how things change. You know how people say money changes people? Well, so does ego and so does social media. And so does the press. I think that all of that mixed in between — you really gotta keep yourself grounded at who you are at the core. You really gotta keep yourself grounded because you can’t speak for other people.

Kudos to Jeannie for opening up about such a personal issue.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams