Princess Love Slams Ex Love & Hip Hop Caste – Don’t Ever Post My Daughter!

LHHH’s Princess Love Exchanges Words With Former Cast Mate Brandi Boyd After Brandi Shared Daughter On Her Social Media

Former “Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood” star Brandi Boyd and current LHHH star Princess Love got into a battle of Internet fingers and video shouting matches on Instagram Thursday evening. Apparently, the two stopped being friends shortly after Love & Hip-Hop, and Princess felt uncomfortable with Brandi sharing a photo of her daughter to her Instagram.

Brandi, who claims to be a close friend to the Norwood family, reposted a video from Sonja Norwood’s, Ray J’s mother, Instagram of Ray and Princess’ daughter, Melody Love Norwood and Princess asked her to take it down. Princess sent the message by opening the notes app on her iPhone and wrote a direct message in all caps,

Little Brandi, if I ask you to take my baby’s picture off your page. Then you have to respect that and take the picture down! We are not friends and we never even spoke outside love and hip hop, which is why i took you out of my wedding and replaced you with lyrica. I don’t f*ck with you because your a fraud. Donot post my baby on your page ever.

Brandi felt reluctant to respond and did so by sharing multiple videos of her decoding Princess’ sentiments about why she needed to take the photo down. In the first video she stated,

Princess, let’s keep it 100 here. I don’t sit around on Instagram all day, therefore, I didn’t see your message until now. And it was very disrespectful, but I didn’t have to tag you. Why would I tag you when we are not friends. We are not on that level anymore. Why? Because I saw how you really felt about me when my sister was struggling in her disease multiple sclerosis.


Sonja is like a mother to us. We are VERY close. Ray is family, it is never any beef. And I’ve always been cool with you, but you’re not going to go on Instagram and disrespect me. If you have an issue with me putting a positive message about children, and acknowledging you guys have a gorgeous daughter, no problem, I will take her off my page, but don’t ever disrespect me like this.

Her caption attached to the post read,

God knows I’m trying to remain as positive as possible but don’t ever in your life take a shot at me @princesslove your too grown for this I’m a mother I love children and my video was very positive NO SHADE I am not obligated to Tag you or explain myself I acknowledged your beautiful child in all positive vibes . But since you wanted to do it for the gram I am forced to publicly respond to your Negativity.

The videos then turned into arguments within the comments. Princess called out Brandi for using her son’s savings to open a store she co-owned. The situation Princess is referencing panned out during the third season of LHHH. Before Princess deleted her post,  Brandi weighed in on accusations she stole her son’s money,

You need serious help and God. I never stole my baby’s money I tripled my kids money on other great investments, that store was equally mind but when it got messy I walked away I put a lot onto help market promote and etc and it is what it is it’s no longer open now anyways but please get your facts straight before you wanna talk for Instagram you truly need to grow up your child deserves i could care less to be negative bitter and petty you clearly need to talk to God and tend to you and yours and direct your negative energy off my page

It seems Princess ended the impersonal confrontation by stating,

I’m not watching no more videos of your talking forehead. Just stop posting my baby. Goodnight.


Authored by: Andre Palmer