Ari Fletcher Threatens Legal Action Against A Woman Who Spoke Negatively About Her Son Over Paid Collaboration [VIDEO]

Ari Fletcher

Ari Fletcher Threatens Legal Action Against A Woman Who Spoke Badly About Her Son Over Paid Collaboration [VIDEO]

Ari Fletcher is taking legal action against a woman who had some not-so-nice things to say about her son over a paid promotional photo.

This week (July 28), media influencer Ari Fletcher, 27, took to Instagram to respond to a business owner who was unhappy with the content she received for a paid collaboration which featured her son, Yosohn, 4.

Ari Fletcher, Yosohn

The woman, who goes by the name Bre Twiggs, owns Charlotte-based luxury clothing brand Nine Lamarca and shared in a now-deleted TikTok video her distaste for the promotion she received from the mother-of-one. Bre Twiggs alleges she paid Ari Fletcher “thousands of dollars” to have Yosohn wear an outfit from her clothing boutique and take photos to promote online to her millions of followers.

Ari Fletcher


The TikTok clip has now sparked controversy due to the woman speaking negatively about Yosohn’s appearance while she described her dislike for the promotional photo. Bre Twiggs said:

“You sat here and charged me—I paid thousands for this collab with the inventory and everything included—and this is what you gave me. Hair was not done. It looks like you just said, ‘Ok, let’s just go wet his hair.’”

The woman continued:

“Ring around his mouth ‘cause you don’t keep it moisturized. You didn’t moisturize it. You didn’t put no lotion on it. That picture is a hot a** mess, and you do not see Ari posted up looking that way, but this is how you posted your son with a paid collab.”

Ari is seemingly taking a step in a different direction when it comes to her critics. Instead of firing back, the model calmly responded to the woman via her IG stories. Expressing that her feelings were hurt, Ari said:

“I don’t understand how you talk about a child like that, especially publicly online, and comparing children and saying all of this bad stuff.” 

The Chicago native denied that the woman paid thousands of dollars for the promo and claimed that it was a one-time promo. At the end of the video, Ari warned the woman that she was pursuing legal action. Ari added:

“We’re very, very hurt about those comments. That really bothered us. My lawyer is already working, and he will be in contact with you very, very soon.”

In response to Ari, the woman took to her IG stories to clarify her comments and wrote:

“I wasn’t talking about nobodies child. I talked about the content I
received for the $$ I put in. Ima mom myself. I waited 2 months & did not receive the services I paid for. I felt I was treated less than &
non important. Please do not take my words out of content & make it more than what it was. I apologize if this message got misconstrued but I put a lot into my brand & I take my brand seriously and I would for others to do the same.”

Although she is not a fan of the photo, Bre seemingly proceeded to post it on her boutique’s Instagram page 3 weeks ago and it appears to still be on her page.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely