Tekashi 6ix9ine Has Incident With Blood Members In Long Beach, YG Warns Him To Stop Talking About Him

Tekashi 6ix9ine Has Incident With Blood Members In Long Beach, YG Warns Him To Stop Talking About Him [VIDEO]

Tekashi 6ix9ine attempted to attend ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA on Sunday but when he was met outside by Slim 400 and a few members of his crew, he left the venue. 6ix9ine, who is currently on probation, was invited to perform Sunday night but was met by Slim 400 instead of security guards to walk him through the venue.  Reportedly, 6ix9ine and Slim have been feuding for months. A heated exchange ensued between the two but fortunately, no hands were thrown. Tekashi eventually went back to his vehicle before things escalated further.

The following day, when asked what happened, 6ix9ine says,

Just some dirty ass Blood members that don’t have no money to feed their daughters. No money to feed their sons. Just walking around in dirty pampers, hungry. Their beef with me is I’m getting money. You know he got no money right? Name one Slim 400 record right now. If YG really had love for you, you wouldn’t be in the hood right now. 

Later that day, Tekashi took a jab at YG on Instagram. He posted a photo of himself next to the Compton rapper with the caption, “WHOS A REAL STREET NIGGA? LIKE FOR 69 COMMENT for who ever the guy is on the right,” then disabled the comments so no one could respond. YG took to his Instagram stories to tell 6ix9ine to stop talking about him online.

In his video, YG said,

Aye Bitch9 why are you posting me on your Instagram? You’re supposed to be posting Slim 400. He’s the one that stopped your bitch ass from performing yesterday. You mad? You ain’t no street nigga, you ain’t never been. 

He added,

Matter of fact, Bitch9, where’s your chains at? I could’ve sworn your bitch ass got robbed in New York by your own mothaf*ckin people. Where the fuck yo jewelry at. You ain’t been wearing no chains, bitch ass nigga. Stop playing with me nigga. I’m on yo hips too, by the way. I’m gone find you.


YG and Tekashi have been going at it for months. For the sake of 6ix9ine’s probation, it’s probably best he lets all his beefs rest.

Authored by: Eleven8