Kash Doll Drips In Diamonds in “Ice Me Out” Music Video

Kash Doll Drips In Diamonds in “Ice Me Out” Music Video

Brr! It’s cold in here, and it’s not because wintertime is rapidly approaching. Rapper Kash Doll has finally released a dolled up music video for her single, “Ice Me Out.” The song is a catchy anthem about one of Kash’s favorite things – diamonds. In one of the scenes of the video, Kash Doll is sitting pretty in bathtub made of ice with a lush white fur coat. It’s something we never knew we needed.

Speaking of ice, the “For Everybody” rapper has a more-than-impressive collection of iced out jewelry. Check out this incredible heart pendant with a picture of her late father engraved in it:


Kash Doll’s fanbase, which she affectionately calls the Kash Bratz, are as dedicated as they come. They’ve been demanding an “Ice Me Out” visual since she released the song. In the meantime, they’ve created stunning fan art and even Halloween costumes to tie them over!



Watch Kash Doll’s “Ice Me Out” video below:

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay