Meek Mill Says He Suffers From PTSD – I Was Locked In A Cell For 23 Hours A Day

Meek Mill

Meek Mill Reveals Why He Might Think He Suffers From PTSD – I Was Locked In A Cell For 23 Hours A Day

Meek Mill is not shy to admit his troublesome past with the United States criminal justice system, but as he attempts to save the world from the ground up, fans of Meek’s music are ready to hear the latest offerings from the rapper.

In April 2018, Meek was released after serving four months of his two to four year prison sentence which was handed down by Judge Genece E. Brinkley, after he violated his probation. Meek will be on probation until 2023, and according to the Philadelphia rapper, probation is essentially designed to keep people incarcerated. Since being home, though, Meek has had quite the year. The “Dangerous” rapper has squashed his beef with Drake, joined the cast of a Jada Pinkett-Smith produced film, and released some details about his upcoming project.

In a new interview, Meek reveals his experience with being in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, his thoughts on probation, why he thinks he has post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and how he plans to abate the criminal justice system. See the excerpts below.

How the adjustment to jail was:

Next thing you know, my mind frame has to switch from sleeping in my bed to being locked in a concrete metal cell for 23 hours a day for weeks.

What being on probation feels like:

It’s a dark shadow over the top of your head on a daily basis. Probation is like, they say, to help rehabilitate you and help you better yourself coming out of prison. In my mind, I never felt like I was fucked up. [It’s a] trap door that’s gonna keep you in and out of the system. You don’t even have to commit a crime to go back to prison.

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Meek Mill

How he plans to decriminalize the criminal justice system:

We’re taking a superhero approach, where we’re trying to do amazing things…things that have never been seen before. We started with a bold number, saying we’re trying to help free a million people, and we’re not saying free a million people out of prison. Half of these people are on probation or parole, or on cash bail and things like that

Why he thinks he suffers from PTSD:

Definitely after this last sentence, I felt different when I came home from prison. I used to call my lawyer to call me, on like official visits, just so I could get out of the cell. I couldn’t go to my grandma’s funeral, and see my grandma for the last time, because of not committing a crime. That’s trauma, basically. I had to fucking almost turn into a savage myself to even stay alive. They have anger and hate in them . . . . They’re not normal people anymore.

Meek’s highly anticipated studio album will be released November 30th on all streaming platforms.

Authored by: Andre Palmer