Brandy Defends Brother Ray J, Tells Critic: You Know What They Call Me So You Need To Chill!

Ray J, Brandy

Ray J Gets Defended By Sister Brandy

Ray J could be considered a grown man, but behind every man is a stronger woman. Brandy and Princess Love came to the protection of the reality star after a social media user tried give a backhand comment about his daughter Melody Love Norwood.

Nobody takes you serious when it comes to music bruh. But you make pretty babies

He replied,

I guess I should say thank you. Lol.

Ray J, Princess Love

Although Ray J’s response was light, it triggered Princess and Brandy to support one of the closest men in their life. Princess chimed in with a direct response,

Hi, Nobody.

The user responded,

I’m nobody but you took time out of your love and hip hop life to speak. #GirlBye

Love responded,

“The season is over Nobody.

Ray J, Brandy

Brandy also stepped in,

You will take him serious! I promise you that. You know what they call me so you need to chill. Get off his page. – Ray J’s sister.

All we were missing was Mother Norwood, Mrs. Sonja!

Authored by: Andre Palmer