50 Cent Sends A Message To Baby Mama Shaniqua Tompkins – Get A Job!

50 Cent, Shaniqua Tompkins

50 Cent Sends A Message To His Baby Mama Shaniqua Tompkins – Get A Job!

After confessing to the world that he wouldn’t mind if his 21-year-old son was hit by a bus, 50 Cent has set his eyes on his baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins.

It all started when Shaniqua seemingly responded to 50 Cent wishing death upon their son, Marquise.

In a post on her Instagram stories she wrote:

A n*gga with money don’t mean sh*t. Ronald McDonald rich as fu** but still a clown.

50 Cent took this to be a shot towards him and responded.


The next day, 50 Cent responded again. This time in the midst of announcing that he was directing the third episode of Power season 6.

Shaniqua has since posted another Instagram story, though it’s unclear if it is towards 50 Cent or not. The story read:

Keep your whole life lowkey and let people assume incorrectly. 

In what appears to be a response, 50 Cent wrote:

Authored by: TJB Writer