Towanda Braxton’s Ex Husband Responds Reacts To Keri Lewis Open Letter To Toni Braxton

Towanda Braxton’s Ex Husband Responds Reacts To Keri Lewis Open Letter To Toni Braxton

Last week, Toni Braxton revealed her thoughts on alimony and how she felt when she was forced to pay her husband, Keri Lewis, after their divorce. She explained,

I went through this phase of, ‘oooh, men are the new b*tches!’ That’s how I felt. That’s what I was so angry about. 


Keri responded to Toni’s interview with a lengthy post on Instagram. In his post, he broke down what transpired during their divorce that led to him getting alimony.

I feel the need to address and shed light on the matter, as the impression is being made that I came for her finances and/or wasn’t there for Toni…..To give insight on the alimony payments, Toni’s attorneys suggested she have a prenuptial agreement put in place prior to our wedding, and they drafted one as they saw fit. Because of my love for her and being optimistic of marriage lasting forever, I didn’t feel the need to have an attorney, as I wasn’t going to contest anything in the prenup.  Fast-forward to 2012 after separating, I moved out and at some point later, Toni mentioned to me that the payments set in the prenup would start being deposited into my account. I received alimony for around 3 years between 2012 and 2014. I didn’t even use an attorney in our divorce (I also don’t recommend that to anyone).

Andre Carter, ex-husband of Toni’s sister Towanda Braxton, had much to say about Keri’s feelings. According to Andre, he went through a very similar situation when separating from Towanda. He wrote,

Keri…brother I understand completely! My divorce with Towanda was almost the exact same but on a much smaller scale. The same as you, I did not have an attorney in my divorce. But there was no prenuptial signed. I asked for nothing, absolutely nothing, during the proceedings. Even the judge questioned me directly about my decision to not ask for anything. But as everyone has seen on the television, I was portrayed as the one who attempted to take everything from Towanda. That never happened! But that’s reality TV.

Protect the brand not the brainless. And I was damn sure brainless those TV executive lies. 

Towanda and Andre wed in 2004. After 12 years of marriage, they called it quits and Towanda filed divorce papers against her husband on August 25, 2016, in Georgia Court.  They officially reached a divorce settlement in 2017 where they would each keep their individual checking, savings and retirement accounts, and get joint custody of their two children. Neither had to pay alimony or child support.

Authored by: Kellie Williams