R. Kelly’s Music Sees Increase After “Surviving R. Kelly” Airs

R. Kelly, Spotify

R. Kelly’s Music Receives An Increase Following the Airing of “Surviving R. Kelly”

Since the airing of “Surviving R. Kelly” on the Lifetime network Thursday (Jan. 3) evening, reports are now claiming  R. Kelly‘s music has seen an increase in streaming on the Spotify platform.

A rep confirmed the artist’s music has seen a 16% increase after the airing of part one. While details of which song/album that saw a boost were not reported, the rise comes at a particular time; considering the the fact Kelly and Spotify had a brief bout in May 2018.


Last year, the platform announced they would be removing the artist’s music from their platform promoted playlists, following the startling accusations, and, at the time, their newly initiated hateful conduct policy.

After receiving backlash, the platform retracted their statements following their inconsistencies being identified by other artists and social media.

Part two and three of  “Surviving R. Kelly” are scheduled to premiere Friday, Jan. 4, 2019 and Saturday, Jan 5, 2019. Check your local listings.

Authored by: Andre Palmer