Khalid Reveals Details About Sophomore Album


Khalid Confirms Sophomore Album Will Be Out Before Coachella Festival

Khalid was added to the lineup for the 2019 Coachella festival and is set to take the stage the same weekend as Ariana Grande (April 14 & 21), but fans are skeptical if they would be receiving any new music since the release of his EP in 2018.

The “Love Lies” singer confirmed he would be releasing his sophomore album between now and the festival on Twitter. When a fan inquired,

I’m still waiting to know some new about the new album.

The young singer responded,

Well, it’s coming out before Coachella

When asked more info about the forthcoming project, he responded,

Let’s just say…this album is going to show a lot of growth.


The saddest song I ever wrote is on this album haha

The new album will be follow up to his debut project “American Teen” which was released in 2017.

Authored by: Andre Palmer