Rapper CupcakKe Hospitalized After Announcing She’s ‘About To Commit Suicide’


Rapper CupcakKe Hospitalized After Announcing She’s ‘About To Commit Suicide’

CupcakKe, a provocative rapper shocked fans Monday (Jan. 7) evening, by writing on social media she would be taken her own life. In a tweet posted at 4:52 PM she wrote,

im about to commit suicide

An artist by the name of Elijah Daniel caught the tweet and began doing his best to ensure the rapper’s safety. He shared multiple tweets providing updates to fans and his followers about the status of CupcakKe. Daniel says he was able to contact Chicago’s police department and they confirmed she had been found in her home and hospitalized.

Daniel wrote,

ive never felt so relieved and sad at the same time, @CupcakKe_rapper i love you more than you’ll ever know. you’re one of the sweetest souls ive ever had the pleasure of knowing, and you’re not leaving us. we won’t let it happen.

As the rapper’s began gaining attention, fellow artists started reaching out and sending words of affirmation.

Iggy Azalea wrote,

Sending love to @CupcakKe_rapper. I understand how hopeless and overwhelmed with negativity we can sometimes feel. I hope you’ll take some time with those that really know YOU best; then when you’re ready come back stronger than ever!

Actresses Skai Jackson quote tweeted the suicidal tweet adding,

I hope you are okay CupcakKe :( I’m praying for you

While another artist named Charli XCX shared,

dear @CupcakKe_rapper please read this

Authored by: Andre Palmer