Tommie Lee Defends Parenting Skills Amidst Potential 50 Year Prison Sentence

Tommie Lee Defends Parenting Skills Amidst Potential 50 Year Prison Sentence

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s” Tommie Lee is having a hard time. As we previously reported, the reality star/rapper is facing seven charges, including three felonies, that may lead to her facing over 50 years in prison. This prison time partly stems from Tommie forcibly pushing her daughter’s head into a locker at her middle school.

Tommie (real name, Atasha Jefferson) wants the world to know, that despite public perception, she feels she is a good mother to her daughters, Samaria and Havalli. Her recent explanatory Instagram Story rant reads as followed:

“Quick Question do you know you’re child’s teachers? Have you sat down with them this year? LoL Nah don’t answer that…How About PTA meetings?…Outside of Enrollment have you ever Been inside you’re child’s school?…You Girls Need to Cut it out!!!”

She continued:

What kills me is there’s so many living “Angels”, in their heads but in real life the only angels they have watching over them is the Kids they Aborted!! May Them Babies RIP…Watch yourselves it could get Nasty, But I’m so in A Great space! Maoving on!! So should you!…For the lives that was cut out of me I’ll Do 100 years!…”Meaning” they are my Life So Let’s stop Now!!”

Tommie also went to lengths to line up screenshots of FaceTime sessions with her children, surprise school visits, and Instagram comments as receipts that she’s an involved parent.

She even showed that she recruited a tutor for her oldest daughter, Samaria. In fact, Tommie mentioned that this tutor was reportedly also tapped for the children of the Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Tommie Lee recently confirmed that she is choosing not to return to “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” after sources tipped that she had not received an offer for next season. We wish Tommie and her daughters well.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay