Nick Cannon Seemingly Questions Dame Dash About Rumors Jay Z Had Relationship w/ Foxy Brown When She Was Underage

Nick Cannon Seemingly Questions Dame Dash About Rumors Jay Z Had Relationship w/ Foxy Brown When She Was Underage

In the wake of a curtain pulling sexual secrets within the music industry, one which is steadily perpetuated is the one between Jay-Z and Foxy Brown. Before the Internet, Brown and Jay worked closely together on their rise to fame in the 90s. Around 2011, rumors hit the net alleging Brown had sexually engaged with Jay when she was underage; called the Marcy Projects rapper a “tranny-chaser,” and also claiming he had allegedly given her gonorrhea.

The topic about Foxy rose again following Nick Cannon posting a clip from an interview with Dame Dash.

At what age was Foxy Brown signed? You the boss!

Dash responded,

I wasn’t paying attention to Foxy Brown. I didn’t sign Foxy Brown. Stop putting me in that! Don’t beat around the bush. Say what you wanna say. What do you mean by that question? It seems like you got a question for Jay, ask him.

Jay has denied allegations he’s ever slept with Brown. In his track “Picasso Baby” released on his “Magna Carta…Holy Grail” in 2013, Jay spat,

I never stuck my cock in the Fox’s box but / Damned if I ain’t open Pandora’s box / They try to slander your man / On CNN and Fox

Brown came forward around the release of the album, denying she started the rumor.

Was I shocked when Jay said the line in ‘Picasso Baby’? Yes because we’ve talked about that. We have a history that supersedes music. I think he began to feel the pressure because people were saying my age, the age thing…15, 14 and after a while that gets to a person. The Jay I know, the Shawn I know never comes out of character. So for that…and that’s my point, that’s where the tears came from earlier because people don’t understand that it does affect people more than you think. That fact that he felt he needed to say that, that means that something struck something. At some point, it was just like, enough.

Brown recently sent a birthday message to Jay-Z also via Instagram.

….No matter what we’ve gone thru as family, you’d never see us engage in lame fu*krie! Media’s quick to publicize scandals, I prefer to speak on dope sh*t

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HBD HOV? Fans aren't always privy to our most sacred behind the scenes, but as the Young Bonnie, those jewelz Jay instilled in me since 15yrs old, still, I carry upper echelon. Never understood how rap chicks would publicly war with the DON of their crew, shit is corny! No matter what we've gone thru as family, you'd never see us engage in lame fuckrie! Media's quick to publicize scandals, I prefer to speak on dope shit! I remember when we first found out I was tragically injured, the first person I told was Hov. Still remember the shock in his eyes, we had just shot our new XXL crew cover, and were in the middle of recording TWO albums, "BLACK ROSES" and "BEST OF BOTH GIRLZ" w/ Mary J? As PRESIDENT OF DEF JAM Hov had given me millions; and literally overnight I couldn't deliver. Rugs @mrrugs_ and Mouse will tell you that was the scariest day of my life. We created MAGIC in the stu, the unfuckwitable duo, a global masterpiece and out the blue it was game over. But when shit got thick, the big homie said "I'll eat those M's" and put up over half a mill to ensure I got the greatest specialist in the world.. Malibu retreat, 24HR chefs & nurses to get me right, THANK YOU SHAWN. HBD MI DON!

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Authored by: Kellie Williams