Will Smith – ‘Men In Black’ Producers Wanted Actor Chris O’Donnell For Film Over The ‘Fresh Prince’ Star



Will Smith, Chris O’Donnell

Will Smith – ‘Men In Black’ Producers Wanted Actor Chris O’Donnell For Film Over The ‘Fresh Prince’ Star

It seems like ‘Men In Black’ almost had a different leading man! 

As you may already know, the popular film ‘Men In Black’ stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The two play secret agents who are responsible for supervising extraterrestrial lifeforms on Earth and hiding their existence from ordinary humans. Recently, the film’s director, Barry Sonnenfeld, 69, spoke about the movie and revealed that Will Smith almost didn’t make the cut for the project. 

Will Smith

Will Smith’s lead role almost went to actor Chris O’Donnell. However, Barry Sonnenfeld’s mind changed after his wife suggested that Will Smith, 53, would be the perfect fit for the part.

According to Barry Sonnenfeld, the movie producers were interested in Chris O’Donnell as the leading man, but the “NCIS: Los Angeles” actor had other plans.

Barry Sonnenfeld said:

“I met with Chris and he had concerns about the script and had another movie offer. So I told him, ‘Yeah, we might never fix this script and I don’t think I know how to direct this movie.’ So he passed on the movie the next day.” 

Sonnenfeld also admitted to speaking to pop mogul Michael Jackson, stating that the entertainer reached out to him for a role in the film franchise.

Michael Jackson

Sonnenfeld continued and shared how Michael Jackson became a part of the project. He said. 

“I wanted to have people up there that made you go, ‘Yeah, he could be an alien.'” 

Sonnenfeld added:

“Well, I was going to make him an alien and he said, ‘No, I want to wear the ‘Men in Black’ suit.’ So we figured out how to do that and it worked out. He was lovely.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill