Cyn Santana’s New Music: My New EP Is Coming Soon!

Cyn Santana’s New Music, Announces EP Coming Soon [PREVIEW]

Looks like at least one member of the ‘Love and Hip-Hop’ franchise has been in the studio, Cyn Santana announced Wednesday afternoon that she will drop an EP “really” soon. The reality star dropped a snippet of new music from the upcoming EP on Instagram with the caption,

“I’m dopeeeee… In real life. Dis one made da EP cut as well.”

Cyn, 26, says when can fans expect the release of the EP.

“Really soon sis, I promise”

Cyn, who recently accepted an engagement to rapper Joe Budden, has her own musical aspirations and clearly focused as she drops her second snippet of new music for 2019. Joe, the future Mrs. Budden is coming for you. Besides being a new Mom and future wife this year, the reality stars latest music announcement, Santana gives another preview of what she has been cooking up. In the post, the reality star turned artist entitles one of her song,

“No Question.”

Cyn is currently looking for all creative help for her upcoming EP. Directly after dropping her snippets from her EP, Santana says,

“I’m just looking to put a bigger team together. I need creatives. I need directors. I want female producers!!!”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette