Cyn Santana Under Fire For Using N-Word, Saying Black Men Cater To Hispanic Women In Old Interview

Cyn Santana Under Fire For Using N-Word, Saying Black Men Cater To Hispanic Women In Old Interview

Is this why she loves Joe Budden? “Love and Hip Hop New York” star Cyn Santana is the most recent victim of the internet’s hunt for old controversial comments. The Spanish reality TV starlet was “Breakfast Club” personality Angela Yee‘s co-host on a 2016 episode of her “Lip Service” podcast. On this episode, Angela, Cyn, and the other co-hosts – Stephanie Santiago, GiGi Maguire, and Betty Idol – discussed how different races of men treat their women while in a relationship. In it, Cyn can be heard declaring that Black men ‘especially cater to Hispanic women’ in relationships. The problematic dialogue read as follows:

“Cyn Santana: I just love Black guys and Spanish girls together…y’all can keep the Puerto Rican men. I’m good. I do Black guys all day. I did the Spanish thing. It doesn’t work out for me. I’m good.

Angela Yee: What’s wrong with guys that are Hispanic?

Cyn: I don’t know, I think they’re too emotional.

Angela: You don’t think Black guys are emotional?

Betty Idol: Black guys can be possessive, too. They’re controlling.

Cyn: Hispanic men are way more possessive. And Black guys cater to us Spanish girls, especially. Like, they- you know what. Let me not even get into that.

Angela: Uh oh, she’s gonna get herself in trouble with the Black girls.

Cyn: I didn’t mean it like that. But, you know, the Black girls gon’ take it personal. But, no. I’m done with the papis.

Upon social media’s discovery of the old quote, Cyn Santana was immediately apologetic and empathized with the frustration of her Black female fans.

She made it a point to confront the tough dialogue head on, further explaining herself.

Cyn, then, issued a lengthy official apology.

A Twitter follower then confronted Cyn’s fiancee, media personality/rapper Joe Budden – challenging his influence over her. He responded, adding that they’d had private conversations about it.

Do you believe Cyn Santana’s explanation about her old comments? Listen to the conversation below, starting at the 16:47 mark.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay