Rapper Freeway Undergoes Kidney Transplant

Freeway Undergoes Kidney Transplant

Social media could be a tool utilized for promotion, venting, or awareness. In the case of Philadelphia rapper Freeway, he uses his platform to provide updates to fans about his ongoing battle with kidney failure, while also making them consciousness of health-related conditions which could happen to anyone.

In September 2015, the State Property rapper was diagnosed with kidney failure and began dialysis treatments.  In May 2018, the rapper shared he had been working with a doctor at John Hopkins Hospital in efforts to find a match for a possible kidney transplant.

Luckily, in July 2018, Freeway announced he found a possible donor and as of yesterday, went under the knife for a kidney transplant. The information was shared via Twitter by another outlet who wrote,

Prayers and love to @Phillyfreezer who will have his kidney transplant tonight

Freeway confirmed the news via a short video shared to Instagram early Tuesday morning.

Alright, y’all. I know it’s been a minute, but they about to take me under now. God willing, this surgery go good. I’ll see y’all in like six hours. Pray for ya boy!

Freeway informed his supporters he made out of the surgery safely. In a quick video Philly Freeway stated:

Wassup everybody. Thank y’all for all the prayers, and all the support. Everything went well. The surgery went well. God is good. I got the new kidney. The doctor said everything is fine. Thank y’all, man, I really felt the prayers.

We are wishing him a speedy recovery.

Authored by: Andre Palmer