T.I.’s 17-Year-Old Daughter Schools A Man On Pedophilia 

T.I.’s 17-Year-Old Daughter Schools A Man On Pedophilia 

An unfortunate part of being in the public eye, is that strangers feel entitled to voice their opinions about your life through the anonymity of social media. However, while some of those in the spotlight ignore the unsolicited critiques, others go toe-to-toe with the online trolls—and the latest person to do that is T.I.’s teenage daughter, Deyjah.

T.I.’s oldest daughter, 17-year-old Deyjah Harris, recently checked an online troll after he criticized her appearance, suggesting that she looks much older than her age. He also implied that because she wears makeup, it’s one of the reasons why men go to jail for being with underage girls because their outer appearance suggests they are much older.

His comment stated:

“Females like this is why n***as go to jail. We gotta make a law where chicks can’t use make up til they 18 I’m tired of this s**t.”

Harris caught wind of the comment and verbally unloaded on him, while schooling him at the same time:

“@b_zooee ……. n***as go to jail because they’re pigs and aren’t right in the head, not because someone is wearing makeup. you think i’m not supposed to wear makeup because of n***as and their perverted mind? Man eff y’all!!!!! i don’t live for y’all nor do i wear makeup for y’all. this comment is quite imbecile and shows a lot about you and your way of thinking. we gotta make a law where irrelevant a** men just leave women alone, mind their business and more importantly, stay in their place. have a blessed and highly favored day.”


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings