Mahershala Ali – A Look Into The 2 Time Oscar Winner’s College Basketball Career

Mahershala Ali – A Look Into The 2 Time Oscar Winner’s College Basketball Career

A man of many talenst! Before becoming an A-list actor in hollywood, Oscar award winner actor, Mahershla Ali played Division I basketball for St. Mary’s College in California. After being awarded with his second Oscar, the NCAA reminded the world of the mass communication student’s skills on the court Sunday with a vintage clip of highlights from his time as a Gael.

Mahershala Ali and his wife Amatus Sami Karim

Ali, 45, (real name Mahershala “Hershal” Gilmore), attended Saint Mary’s from 1992-1996 where the 6-foot-3 future actor played on a full scholarship as a point guard. During his senior year, Ali averaged a career high 7.0 points while shooting 35.0 percent from three-point range on 180 attempts.

Check out Ali’s highlights:

Ali reflected on his career as a D1 athlete,

“Honestly, I kind of resented basketball by the end of my time there. I’d seen guys on the team get chewed up, spat out and I was personally threatened with being shipped off to the University of Denver. All in the name of wins and productivity.”

On Sunday, Mashershala Ali’s acceptance his second Academy Award for his role as a supporting actor, portraying Dr. Don Shirley in “Green Book.”

During his acceptance speech, Ali spoke about grandmother’s encouragement to never giving up,

“I want to dedicate this to my grandmother, who has been in my ear my entire life, telling me that if at first I don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Ali said his grandmother constantly offered encouragement by telling him

“I could do anything I put my mind to, and always, always pushing me to think positively. I know that I would not be here, that she has gotten me over the hump every step of the way.”


Authored by: Gregory Molette