EXCLUSIVE: Plus Size Model Naomie Plans To Sue Rapper Future For Discrimination & Defamation – This Is NOT About Money Or Fame!

EXCLUSIVE: Plus Size Model Naomie Plans To Sue Rapper Future For Discrimination & Defamation – This Is NOT About Money Or Fame!

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports new details have surfaced surrounding plus size model, Naomie and Atlanta rapper, Future. We spoke to a member from the model’s team who confirmed that Naomie is moving full speed ahead against Future for discrimination and defamation after the rapper’s recent club appearance at Story Nightclub this month. As previously reported, bouncers at Miami’s Story nightclub allegedly stated that Future requested to not have any “fatties” admitted while he was there.

Since Naomie’s accusations, Future has denied any involvement. We spoke exclusively to Naomie’s team about the night in question and her plans to raise awareness for every shape and size. Naomie and her team would like to make it clear that this suit is not an attempt to seek fame or come after the rapper’s money. Her rep tells us:

“She’s doing what she has to do, at the end of the day, this is not something that she’s doing for fame, she’s not doing this for the money, she’s doing this to raise awareness because she is not the only plus size human being on this planet.”

They also mention the plus size model was not the only person discriminated against, allegedly, men and women were asked to leave Story Miami while Future made his appearance:

“Yes, well honestly, I would say it’s majority women. That’s the people that reached out to me on the internet and told me they were not accepted.”

Her team continues,

“A lot of people have reached out through Instagram or through email saying ‘hey, this happened to us too.’ Unfortunately, we don’t have the amount of followers or the amount of reach that would allow us to open eyes.”

Naomie has made several attempts to resolve this issue prior to taking legal action but at this moment, no response from Future or anyone on his team.

“He has responded to the DM, his management team or publicist has not gotten in touch with us.”

The plus size model looks to seek damages from discrimination during her night, but also, defamation as he publicly called her a lair.

“She is going after not only discrimination, but also defamation for the fact that she was publicly called a liar and for something that was a true event — that there is enough proof to back up her story.”


Her team continues, detailing what actions Future should have taken that night,

“If it was not Future that deposited that request and it’s actually the promoters it would be pretty simple for him instead of going and replying to Naomie’s messages to simply to write a tweet denying this. At the end of the day, this is an event that happened, it is under the label of Future. If he does not condone this behavior in a professional manner, we expect an apology from him to say we do not condone this, we do not accept for women to be treated this way.”

Naomie says she is starting a hashtag trend to bring more awareness that spreads the message for all, no matter our color, our gender, or our shape. We are all equal and #everyBODYclubs!

Authored by: Gregory Molette