R.Kelly’s Ex Girlfriend Dominque Gardner Says She Was Spanked & Hit W/ An Extension Chord: He Pulled My Hair Out, Tore Patches From My Head [VIDEO]

R.Kelly’s Ex Girlfriend Dominque Gardner Says She Was Spanked & Hit W/ An Extension Chord: He Pulled My Hair Out, Tore Patches From My Head [VIDEO]

One of the victims featured in the Surviving R Kelly documentary has broken her silence on her nine-year relationship with the fallen singer.

Dominique Gardner, who was featured on the docu and obtained her daughter on camera, has opened up about what it was like to be with the singer as he’s currently facing charges for allegedly sexually assaulting women, including minors.

R.Kelly Mugshot

He’s also out on bail after being arrested for owing back child support.

Gardner first told The New Yorker that she didn’t watch the documentary.

“What’s the point of seeing it when I lived it? People are using it as entertainment when it wasn’t entertainment for me, you know?”

Gardner, who revealed she has two tattoos of R. Kelly’s face on her body, also said that R. Kelly had eyes her on at all times, and believes he continued to watch her after she left him.

“I wouldn’t put it past him to have his guys following me.”

Gardner was one of a handful of women living with R. Kelly. She said she was the tomboy of the group and was instructed to wear baggy clothes. The others were Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary. Both of those ladies aren’t just still living with R. Kelly, but they defended his honor amid his interview with Gayle King last week. Their parents accused R. Kelly of keeping them hostage, but they told King that’s an attempt from their parents to extort the singer.


While she didn’t watch Surviving R. Kelly, Gardner did catch pieces of R. Kelly’s interview, that got pretty dramatic.


“That’s not genuine. That’s the devil talking. Talking about ‘I’m not Lucifer.’ Yes, you are. He is a giver, because when everything between me and him was good — it was like perfect. But, as soon as he gets mad, he turns into a person like, ‘Oh, what up, the new Rob?’ At the end of the day, I am not playing victim. Maybe he did hurt. Maybe he was in love with me. But I never gave him a fair chance.”

Ultimately, Gardner said she has no regrets and refused to say he brainwashed her, or that he’s running a cult.

I loved him to death. But he needs help. Who doesn’t need help? I am just not about to spread lies about him… I wouldn’t even say ‘mind games.’ It was jut the fact that he tried to break me. I couldn’t be broken. He wanted that control over me, and I wouldn’t give him that power. So he figured, like, if I don’t give her food, she’ll come around. Nope. I’d rather die than come around and give you my soul.

Gardner also confessed to sleeping with other men during her relationship with R. Kelly. She said she met R. Kelly in 2009 after she connected with another one of his fans, Jerhonda Pace, on MySpace. Pace then gave Gardner the singer’s phone number. Interestingly enough, Pace is now one of the girls also suing Kelly for his current charges. Gardner was 17 when she first had sexual intercourse with R. Kelly, who was 42 at the time. Gardner said everything changed when they all moved from Chicago to Atlanta.

“It was like something switched. [Before that] I used to go home on a regular basis. I was able to call my family. Then, all of a sudden, it was no.”

Still, while there is speculation that he’s holding Clary and Savage hostage, Gardner said there aren’t any locked doors in the home.

“If them other two girls, Joy and Azriel, wanna walk out, they can do that.”

But she did say R. Kelly often took their phones and replaced them with ones only he would use, making it so they couldn’t contact their loved ones.

Now, after escaping her life with R. Kelly, Gardner lives in the North Side of Chicago, saving money to get her own place. And while he might not be keeping them hostage, there were certainly restrictions in his home.

“I couldn’t even have a drink without his permission. I’m a grown woman, and I’ve gotta ask you if I want a drink? Everything you do, you have to ask him. That’s not living, that’s not normla. I’ve got to ask to use the bathroom? Are you serious? I’m about to pee myself if I can’t get in contact with you. What is this?”

Apparently, it was her attitude that got her in trouble with R. Kelly more than any of the other girls. She would often get spanked, slapped, beat and even hit with an extension cord. She said he lost it when she threw a carrot at him.

“He grabbed me and he pulled my hair out, and I had, like, patches torn from my hair. [I] felt as [if] we disrespected him or disobeyed him, it’s like a parent when your children go against your word.”

Gardner also pulled up R. Kelly’s mugshot on her phone and explained why she stayed with him for almost a decade.

R.Kelly mugshot

“It’s, like, I know them eyes. Every time I looked in his eyes, I knew he was sorry. Like, when he hit us, hit me, he apologized. He said ‘I done did some things, and I apologize for it.’ I’m like you did! But enough was enough. Yes, you did say ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ Okay. But then again you do it again when s*** don’t go your way.”

“At the end of the day, he’s a victim too, because he went through some s*** and people, they don’t understand.”

Still, Gardner said she refuses to talk to authorities, even investigators from the Department of Homeland Security who popped up on her. She said she ripped up their card and refused to speak with them.

“I just want to heal. I just want my privacy. People may disagree or hate me for what I’m saying. That’s the reason why I never wanted to come out. Because I’m not trying to defend him and what he has done, but at the end of the day, you don’t understand what he’s been through as a child.”

R.Kelly Turns Himself Into Police

She added she thinks the best punishment for him isn’t a jail cell.

I feel like he should be on house arrest in a studio, because, like I said, his music makes him get through the situations, what he’s going through. Jail time, no. He needs to have twenty-four-our therapist at his house. You can stop the cycle. Just be honest. People don’t want you in jail.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson