R. Kelly’s Ex Asante McGee Says Singer Wanted Her To Talk Like A Little Girl: I Didn’t Notice The Red Flags

R. Kelly’s Ex Asante McGee Says Singer Wanted Her To Talk Like A Little Girl

An ex-girlfriend of singer R. Kelly opened about what she said was a tumultuous relationship with him.  Asante McGeewho also made an appearance on Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly documentary, detailed even more about their previous romance in a personal essay via NBC News


She started by saying that all was well between her and R. Kelly when she was visiting him on tour for two years. But things changed after he moved her into his Atlanta home. Thats when she was introduced to “Robert.”

“I ran away after three weeks with Robert.”

“For the years before that, I never saw anything that was a sign to me that he was abusive or controlling; I didn’t notice the red flags. I thought, He is R. Kelly. He wants to protect me, so when he told me not to speak to people about coming to see him, because they might try to attack me, I believed him.”

She said he told her a story of a previous girlfriend who was attacked after telling her Uber driver she was dating him, so he wanted to be extra careful. Now, McGee said she’s not certain he was telling the truth.

She also said once in the house, she noticed his attraction to younger girls. She said he wanted her to change her voice to sound softer.

“I also never had any idea that he really liked minors; I was not a teenager, I was nowhere near a teenager. The only small red flag was that, when we were together, he always wanted me to talk like a little girl. He would tell me what to say, I would repeat it, and he would keep telling me “No. Do it different, do it a little softer,” until I got to the voice that he wanted. I thought it was odd, but then I thought that maybe it was just a role play for him.”

“But once I was in the house, I met a girl who I’d seen at a 2015 show in Connecticut; I remember seeing her sitting on his lap, and I thought then that she looked mighty young. But a lot of us looked younger than we really are, so I didn’t question it then. Once I moved in, I learned that she was only 17 years old; that’s when I started to get concerned.”

She explained that while she was often isolated, she discovered she was frequently being watched.

“He began to test me like that, too. He’d ask if any of the girls or his workers had talked about him or his business, and when I would tell him no, he’d say Well you know if anybody say anything about Daddy, I want you to make sure that it’s okay to come back and tell Daddy, and Daddy will handle it. I never did.”

“But if one of the girls saw me using the phone when I wasn’t supposed to, she would go back and report, Oh hey Daddy. Asante was on the phone in the vehicle and she knows she’s not supposed to have the phone on. So somebody was always watching you, even if he wasn’t there.”

“He wanted us to feel that, that he had somebody watching your every move. There’s a security at the end of the gate at the house, which he said was trained to stop us. He’d threatened your family, or said they’re just jealous and trying to hold you back. He instilled fear into us, and made us believe whatever he’d told us. So when I say to people that we were “held captive,” it’s more of a mental thing. He manipulated us into thinking we couldn’t leave, or that we didn’t want to.”

She said she was ready to speak out despite having to come to terms with what happened inside the home, something she said didn’t feel real.

“When I did leave that house, I had to gather my thoughts; everything that had gone on there didn’t feel like reality to me. But once I realized that it was real, I felt I needed to do something. Especially having seen those two girls in that home, I thought that their parents could have not known what was going on and could have not been okay with their daughters being in those situations with an older man.”

“My goal in speaking out was for those children — those girls — to go back home and live teenage lives. I wanted them to get in the kind of trouble that normal teenagers do, to fuss and fight with their parents, go to college, have the experiences that young people have, and just enjoy life.”

R. Kelly, who maintains his innocence, is now facing charges for allegedly sexually assaulting women and minors. He is currently out on bail.

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Authored by: Char Patterson