Trina Talks Relationship & Joining “Love & Hip Hop”: “You’re not throwing nothing, you’re not spitting at me.”

Trina Talks Relationship & Joining "Love & Hip Hop": "You’re not throwing nothing at me, you’re not spitting at me."

Trina Talks Relationship & Joining “Love & Hip Hop”

Trina strutted on the scene in 1998 with her acclaimed feature in “Nann” – a song that shaped the hip-hop scene in Dade County forever. After almost two decades of hits, countless features, and being a boss, Trina has decided to extend her industry talents to reality television. As previously reported in August, Trina officially announced she would be joining the Love & Hip-Hop franchise.

Trina Talks Relationship & Joining "Love & Hip Hop": "You’re not throwing nothing at me, you’re not spitting at me."

Trick Daddy

Aside from filming, the Rockstarr has been working closely with old friends, as well. In a new interview, she hints that her and Trick Daddy have a project on the way that is set to premiere in 2018. Apart from getting back to her roots, the Miami native has been working on her own new music, on top of helping mold new artists she’s signed to her own label, Rockstarr Music Group.

While fans may be enraptured for new Trina music, they’re even more thrilled for her inception on Love & Hip-Hop: Miami; set to premiere January 1. Although the supertrailer has yet to hit the web, Trina’s
interview with Nessa should curb viewer’s enthusiasm until then. In this new interview, she discusses why she decided to join the franchise, her new music, females in hip-hop and more. Peep a few excerpts of her discussing LHHMiami and females in hip hop.

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On if she was hesitant on joining the Love & Hip-Hop franchise:

No. I took a lot of time to think about it. They asked me to do it many years ago, and it just wasn’t for me. Fast forward to now, Trick [Daddy] called me, of course. Trick had already agreed to do it, but he didn’t want to do it unless I did it. We went back and forth for months – I’m talkin’ maybe 4 or 5 months to the point that it was a deadline. And you couldn’t shoot Miami unless I’m a part of it.

On why she joined the franchise:

I just wanted to bring something extra to my brand and add volume to do that brand. I have a record label I have artists I’m trying to put on, I want to have an open window so I can expose them.

On what fans can expect from her on the show:

I was very careful with how I filmed the show. I just did me. It was more business. It was watching me do a new venture, it was watching me deal with a new artist, it was watching me everything structural. I kept it to where it was me, it was respectful. It’s not my personal life.

On what she noticed she didn’t like about the franchise:

There is this big gap of what I don’t like about the show. My reserves were the beyond disrespect. You’re not throwing nothing at me, you’re not spitting at me. You not doing all that craziness.

On if she could work with two female artists, whom would she pick: 

It would be Rihanna and Beyoncé. They at the top of the game.

Her feelings towards cattiness between females in hip-hop:

It’s annoying. It’s a distraction. It takes away from the music. It’s not as many women with the muscle as the guys. I’ve been on a set, and some of these guys, they don’t even speak to each other.

Her experience of female artists in hip-hop during the 90s and early 2000s:

I came into at a time, it was more women. Like Eve; I love Eve. We would hang out, we would party. We would link up and meet up. We had this connection which was unbreakable. It wasn’t just industry or when I see you on the red carpet. Everybody that I came into the game with, it was open arms. There was no jealousy. We had the real relationships.

Trina Talks Relationship & Joining "Love & Hip Hop": "You’re not throwing nothing at me, you’re not spitting at me."

On meeting Cardi B:

I met her years ago. And when I did meet her, it was at my show, and she performed before me. And when I came, she took the mic and performed ‘Look Back At Me.’ It was kind of amazing to me because I was one of the ones she looked up to.

On her mom hearing her hit single “Nann”:

She didn’t hear it at first. She heard had the radio version. So, I invite her to my concert, and she was backstage. She was distracted a little, I came out did my part, and there was a distraction, she was just excited I was performing. But one of her friends eventually gave her a Trick [Daddy] CD, and the song was on there. I had to butter her up a lil’ bit.

On her new album release and features:

It’s coming out February 23rd. We had some issues from some clearances for the record. We put out two records already. The Tory Lanez record, the K. Michelle record. I got Dave East on the album, 2 Chainz, Kelly Price.

On her relationship:

I am in love, and I’m very happy to be in love. I love love. I don’t like to play the games. Oh, we’re ‘dating’, oh we’re just ‘kicking it’.


Authored by: Kellie Williams