Rob Kardashian No Longer Has To Pay Blac Chyna Child Support

Rob Kardashian No Longer Has To Pay Blac Chyna Child Support

Rob Kardashian got a win in his custody battle with Blac Chyna, his ex-fiancè and mother of his daughter, Dream. 

In their new agreement, Kardashian and Chyna will share custody of their daughter 50/50, meaning Kardashian will get to see Dream more often, according to reports. Kardashian also won’t have to pay child support each month. Previously, he was paying $20,000 a month. Now, the parent who is with Dream at any given time will be responsible for her expenses. They will equally share fees like doctors visits and school.

Rob & Dream

Dream Kardashian, Blac Chyna

Rumor has it when Chyna arrived to the custody agreement, she was hours late and dressed to impressed, including wearing fake claw lime green nails. Once the meeting was over, she asked Kardashian if he wanted to go out for drinks, but he opted out.

The two have come a long way after their custody agreement got ugly. They also accused one another of physical abuse in the past. Now, it’s safe to say they are working on co-parenting for their daughter.

Chyna and Kardashian both hinted at getting back on good terms in February.

There was even speculation the two would get back together. The Jasmine Brand previously reported that Chyna said in an interview when asked about her and Kardashian reconciling:

“Yes. Maybe. We’ll see, ok?”

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Authored by: Char Patterson