Saweetie Splurges For Quavo’s Birthday, Gives Him A 1961 Impala ‘Classic Car For A Classic Man Duh!’

Saweetie Splurges For Quavo’s Birthday, Buys Him A 1961 Impala [VIDEO]

Quavo is now the new owner of a 1961 Ace Impala thanks to his girlfriend Saweetie. She gave The Migos rapper the classic car for his birthday earlier this week. Saweetie shared footage of their moment on Instagram.

She wrote,

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHO CHO ???? classic car for a classic man duh !!!!”

Quavo also posted a snapshot of himself grinning behind the wheel.

He also gave fans a look at the wheel inside.

Saweetie and Quavo are heading toward #PowerCouple status as she featured him in her latest video Emotional. They definitely proved they have a genuine and romantic connection. Check it out below.

Saweetie and Quavo have been going strong for a few months now. And that could be all thanks to producer Zaytovenwho revealed last year that Saweetie asked his advice for stepping into a relationship with her now longtime boyfriend.

Quavo, Zaytoven

“She actually called me and asked me about Quavo. She wanted to see how he was. I’m like, ‘Quavo has been my guy.’ He has shown me nothing but respect in how he treats people. He’s a good dude. She definitely wanted to hit me about him first.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson