Future Hints At Ungrateful Baby Mamas & Fake Friends: No One Has Checked On Me! [VIDEO]

Future Hints at Ungrateful Baby Mamas and Fake Friends: “People only think about what they can get from you!”

Rapper Future is very rich, and he makes that clear with his car collection, designer clothes, and sparkling diamond jewelry. But, the late Notorious B.I.G. warned us that with more money, comes more problems. It seems Future is experiencing the shift in family and friend groups that come with money and fame.

In the first slide of his recent Instagram Story, Future declared that he was done with fake people:

“I don’t need anymore fake friends. I’m good. Nope! Fake friends not for me.”

His rant continued with a video with this text:

“I bought cribs, cars, bags, jewelry etc no disrespect no hard feelings jus kno why I’m the way I am..not a simple text”

In the video, Future hinted that one or more of his baby mamas is ungrateful. But, he makes it clear that he’s only concerned with the baby mamas that he gets along with:

“This entire week has been madness. No one checked on me. My kids mothers? I take care of them great- the ones I got love for. I say this to say this: if you don’t give someone something, and they ain’t thinkin’ about what they can get – they not gon’ call you.”

Lastly, Future clarified that he’s happy with or without fair-weather friends and family:

“I do things out of the greatness of my heart. I might not be perfect, but I make sure everybody good. Everyone is good around me! Just know I’m happy with life. Like, I’m super happy. I just want y’all to know, man, how people are, man. Not just them, but everyone! They only think about theyself and what they can get from you. As soon as you die, motherf*ckers gon’ be cryin’ ’bout who love you the most. That sh*t cap. Straight up. I don’t want no fake love.”

Is it time for Future to rake through his friends and family? Let us know in the comments. 

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay