J.Lo Talks Motown Tribute Backlash, Rumors A-Rod Cheated & Why Diddy Apologized To Her Fiance 

J.Lo Talks Motown Tribute Backlash, Rumors A-Rod Cheated & Why Diddy Apologized To Her Fiance 

While promoting her new French Montana assisted track ‘Medicine’, actress/singer Jennifer Lopez got candid with The Breakfast Club about the backlash surrounding her much-talked involvement in the Motown tribute at this year’s Grammys, the cheating rumors surrounding her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, her relationship with ex-boyfriend Diddy and her research at an NYC strip club for her upcoming film with Cardi B, Hustlers.


On her past relationship with Diddy:

We were boyfriend and girlfriend when we were little, it was such a long time ago. He wrote Alex after that (commenting on her photo) and apologized. He was like, ‘yeah I didn’t mean anything by it, I have nothing but respect for you guys, I’m so happy for you guys.’ We Were together so many years ago, it’s just like, we were kids, you know?”


On A-Rod cheating rumors:

“It doesn’t matter, I know what the truth is. I know who he is, he knows who I am. And we’re not, we’re just, happy. We’re not gonna let like other people come out and tell us what our relationship is. I know what our relationship is, you know?”


On the Motown tribute backlash:

“No, I think it was the right thing to do. And it’s funny because, when, it surprised me, but at the same time it didn’t because I was like, ok. So, what do you do in this? Do you back down and just let like people who are bullying you online not do something you were gonna do, that you wanna do, that you love? What does that say? My kids were in the car when we got the call and they were like, ‘Mommy why don’t they want you to do it? What’s going on?’ And I just, I was like, for minute I was gonna drop out, then I spoke to the producers and I spoke to Berry Gordy, spoke to Stevie Wonder, Smokey, and (they) were like ‘please do it, Motown music was for everybody. We made music for everybody and you were inspired by that and you know all these songs. And you know Berry’s been to my show and he loves me as a performer and he was like, ‘I can’t think of anybody that I would want to have do it. I love the way you perform.’ He was so happy when he heard I was doing it. It was just a nice thing. I was like ok, it would be easy for me to drop out, it’s one less thing to do, trust me, I was busy at that time, but afterwards I felt like, I told my kids I was gonna go do it they were like, they smiled, they looked at me, they were like, ‘good Mommy, don’t let them make you back down and push you around.’ I think it was an important lesson for that reason alone. And I had a great time doing it.”

On calling Cardi B to star in Hustlers:

“I did call Cardi. It was a good conversation. I said, ‘listen baby, I have this movie that I’m producing and starring in, there’s a really, you know, interesting role, and by the way you can do any role, (she coulda done any role) and said there’s a couple things you could do.’ And it’s about her time commitments and things like that, she has a lot going on. And she had never done a movie and we just talked about it. She said, ‘listen, I come from that world, I understand it. I said, ‘it’s not something where you’ll have to get an acting coach, it’s your natural, that’s all you’ll have to do.’ Cause I didn’t want her to feel out of her comfort zone either. This is you, you probably understand this better than I do, I would love to pick your brain and we had a conversation about it. And the life and what it was like and what it did for her. And she said Imma be part of it, I don’t how big of a part, but Imma be part of it. And then she signed on.”

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings