Dr. Dre – Dee Barnes Won’t Answer Whether Or Not Producer Sexually Assaulted Her: I’m Not Comfortable Talking About Everything

Dr. Dre – Dee Barnes Won’t Answer Whether Or Not Producer Sexually Assaulted Her: I’m Not Comfortable Talking About Everything

Dee Barnes isn’t back down from her claims that Dr. Dre brutally physically abused her. But she hesitates to verbally confirm that he sexually assaulted her. During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, she opened up more about her allegations against him.

“It was a record release party a day before the American Music Awards… It was in West Hollywood, at a club. It was a Def Jam party. Everybody was there. Just people in the industry. Tupac was there. It was just a lot of Def Jam people, a lot of industry people, a lot of executives.”

When she seemed shy to name names of who was there, Wendy Williams told her don’t be afraid. Barnes responded with,

“I’m not scared to tell the story. It was more of an industry thing so it was a lot of people that worked in the industry because it was people that worked for them.”

She mentioned the event took place in the 90s,  months after she interviewed NWA and Ice Cube at the peak of Ice Cube’s feud with NWA, a group that included Dr. Dre, Eazy-E and Ice Cube. She was the host of Fox’s Hip Hop Pump It Up show. At the time of the interview, Ice Cube was on his way out of the group. Barnes said in his solo interview, Ice Cube made fun of his fellow NWA members, and that part of his interview was put into the group’s collective interview.

Check out a clip below:

Barnes said Dr. Dre was livid about the statements and took his anger out on her months later at the industry party.

“Dre was there. I get to the party and he’s there. We make eye contact and he turns his back. I was shocked that he turned his back. The show aired in November and that party was in January. There was some salt and when he turned his back I was shocked. I’m heading downstairs to go play pool and somebody stops me. We’re looking up against the wall near the steps… and Dre approached me out of nowhere and grabs me… doesn’t say a word. I had short hair… It wasn’t like a wig or anything. It was my hair, attached to me, and he picked me up and lifted me of the ground by hair, slammed me up against the brick wall several times. I didn’t see but supposedly he had a bodyguard with him and he kept the crowd from helping by gunpoint.

The person that was talking to me was the only person that tried to intervene. He got pistol whipped, lost two teeth, and I remember being on the ground disoriented. I hear feet, I hear the music stop and I’m in shock. I want to go down the stairs but I’m dizzy. I was scared I was gonna fall down the stairs so I grabbed the rail, I pulled myself back up and I run into the women’s restroom.”

She added that Dr. Dre followed her and the alleged attack continued.

“He continued to assault me in the women’s restroom.”

She said she wasn’t comfortable speaking on whether he sexually assaulted her and got teary-eyed.

Williams pointed out Dr. Dre basically had her blacklisted, preventing her from being able to work in projects like Set It Off. She said he hasn’t apologized directly to her, but released a blanket apology to the women he hurt in the past. While she wasn’t the only woman he hurt, Barnes was the only one who pressed charges. Dr. Dre didn’t do jail time but had to do community service and pay a $2,500 fine. She also said because she was unable to work, she is now homeless. Williams set her up with a service to help her find housing and gifted her with $15,000 to go toward her home.

She revealed she’s working on a book and Williams said she would publish her book through her publishing company, Hunter Publishing. She invited her back on the show once it was published and said she wanted to produce a movie to match the book.

See her comments at the 28:38 mark.


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Authored by: Char Patterson