Michael Jackson’s Nephew, Taj Jackson, Slams HBO For Adding The Word ‘Alleged’ To The ‘Leaving Neverland’ Description

Michael Jackson, Taj Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Nephew, Taj Jackson, Slams HBO For Adding The Word ‘Alleged’ To The ‘Leaving Neverland’ Description

The nephew of singer Michael Jackson, Taj Jacksoncalled out HBO for an alleged switch in its description of its Leaving Neverland documentary. The special featured two men who sat down with Oprah Winfrey and detailed their accounts of alleged sexual abuse by Michael when they were boys.

While it’s received lots of mixed reactions since its premiere, Taj caught a change in the documentary’s description per HBO. It now reads,

“Two men describe the alleged abuse they suffered [by the] hands of Michael Jackson.”

Taj responded and wrote,

“HBO wants to quietly slip in the world ‘alleged’ after NUMEROUS LIES have been widely exposed worldwide about Leaving Neverland. Too late HBO. We warned you about the two men’s past lies before LN even aired and you gave us the middle finger. We WILL hold you accountable.”

A fan chimed in with a screenshot of the description HBO had a month ago. It read,

“Two men recount their experiences of being sexually abused by Michael Jackson…”

Another fan added the original description they saw, which didn’t include the word “alleged.”

Taj has been very vocal about being against the documentary since it aired earlier this year. In fact, he said he wants to create his own documentary that would expose the media’s alleged plan to bring down his late uncle. He said,

“I want to make that documentary but I need everyone’s support. Enough is enough. There are so many great journalists in the MJ fam. Unfortunately mainstream media makes more money off false stories and rumors about MJ. This won’t go away until we expose the lies and squash the rumors.

“Looking into starting a funding page for this MJ doc. I never wanted to do this because I know the media will have a field day with a Jackson asking for money. But to do it right and timely, it will unfortunately take funding…Obviously being silent doesn’t work. I’m not letting my daughter grow up with these lies…I don’t want to make “a” documentary. I want to make “the” documentary that ends all this nonsense. I’m flattered you think I can self-fund this.”

He also spoke out during an interview with The Breakfast Club and said the FBI investigated Michael for 10 years because of the allegations.

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Authored by: Char Patterson