Uber Apologizes Amid Backlash After N-Word Was Posted To Company Twitter Account

Uber Apologizes Amid Backlash After N-Word Was Posted To Company Twitter Account

Another day, another company in hot water for something deemed racist. This time it involves popular ride-sharing company Uber and a tweet from the company Twitter account that contained the N-word.

One of the drawbacks about social media is that nothing goes unnoticed, even when it’s been deleted. Uber is facing a huge backlash after the N-word was tweeted from their company account in response to a customer complaint—despite the tweet being deleted.

According to reports, a customer took to Twitter to complain about a recent ride experience with Uber. The company then followed up with a response, but the response contained the N-word in placement of the customer’s Twitter username. Uber issued an apology for the highly offensive, racial slur being tweeted from their account, however social media users had already gotten wind of it and things continued spread like wildfire.

The initial response from Uber read:

“We’re so sorry about that, N***er! Please send us a DM with your phone number with additional details of your concern, so we can connect.”

The company apology for that tweet stated:

“We’d like to sincerely apologize for the offensive tweet that was sent earlier. We’re investigating what happened to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Upon some further investigation, it appears to be an explanation for how the N-word was tweeted from the Uber account. Reportedly, the Twitter user who issued the complaint is a troll account that purposely changed its name to the N-word before posting the complaint, which prompted the automated response from Uber. The user then changed the name back to @realTheeCheney once Uber responded and the damage had been done.

Unfortunately, things like this happen with social media quite often.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings