Robin Thicke’s Son Hides From Paparazzi & Fans

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It’s tough to be a kid of a celebrity.

Such is the life in Hollywood and other ‘hot spots’ that celebrities frequently are spotted at. We caught Julian, the son of Robin Thicke and actress Paula Patton, shielding off folk trying to get a photo of him and his famous dad. On Saturday afternoon (January 4), the 3-year-old took a trip with his dad to Bristol Farms.

Robin Thicke Takes His Son Julian Shopping at Bristol Farms

All seemed well when they initially entered. As they left the grocery store, both father and son spotted a few paparazzi and a fan taking photos. Julian immediately began covering his face, while the Blurred Lines singer seemed unfazed.

Robin Thicke Takes His Son Julian Shopping at Bristol Farms

Robin Thicke Takes His Son Julian Shopping at Bristol Farms

Robin Thicke Takes His Son Julian Shopping at Bristol Farms

This incident was much more pleasant, in comparison to a situation that went down last month, between Kourtney Kardashian and a paparazzi.

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Just last month, tempers flared when Kourtney felt like photogs were going too far, during an outing with her one-year-old daughter, Penelope. The 34-year-old was shopping in Beverly Hills with her daughter, walking on the sidewalk when she was swarmed by a number of photogs. At one point, Kourtney told the photogs,

Move so we can walk…Get out of the way. Get out of the way.

When asked a question by one of the photogs, she warned him:

Don’t talk to me ever, when I’m with my kid.

After being further prodded, she yelled at the photog,

Shut the f**k up!

Footage from the incident was caught.

Last September, actress Halle Berry (who has been very vocal about this issue) went to great lengths to fight for children’s protection against paparazzi. A bill was signed in California, so that paparazzi and others who harass the children of public figures will face tougher penalties under the legislation. From the looks of things, we can’t tell if the photogs were being intrusive or maintaining a ‘safe distance’ from Robin’s son. What are your thoughts? Are they a bit too close for comfort or were they harmless?  

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