Wendy Williams Had An Almost Awkward W/ Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy Mr Papers: I Thought I Might Get My Wig Snatched!

Wendy Williams, Mr. Papers

Wendy Williams Has Run-In W/ Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy After Dissing Him On Her Show

Wendy Williams and Mr. Papers, the father of Lil Kim’s daughter, had quite the encounter with each other earlier this week. It was big enough for Williams to dish about it during the Hot Topics segment of her popular daytime talk show.

She said she was out with her nephew when a man approached her and asked if she knows who he is. She said,

“And he wasn’t bad looking! He had curly hair. He was a black man with brown skin. I don’t know whether it was a process or not. But it looked fine. He had curly hair. He had a chain swinging. I’m still about that life. I like a man in a suit… I like a grown man, a little older… but I’m still about that life when the chain is swinging and the diamonds are going. And then you see an important watch and stuff. Yes, fine. I’m 54 and going on 14. And he’s taller than me.”

As he continued to ask if she knew who he was, she said she grabbed her nephew’s arm and said,

“Hold on to me, I might get my wig snatched.”

Turns out it was Mr. Papers. Ironically enough, she said she just talked about him on her show the week before, so she asked him if he was upset with her. He said,

“No. You do what you do and you do it so well and we love you.”

As for what she said about him last week, Williams was discussing how Lil Kim’s home was getting foreclosed on for $2 million. She said if the father of her child’s name is Papers, he should be able to take care of it. But she did add that if Lil Kim and Papers aren’t together anymore, it might not be his responsibility.

Lil Kim and Daughter, Royalty Reign

Williams said as much as she enjoyed meeting him, she didn’t want to develop a friendship with him because she might have to talk about him during Hot Topics again.

See her comments at the 5:34 mark.

Mr. Papers also shared the clip and wrote,



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The two certainly have their own history together. Mr. Papers has never been shy about talking about Williams on his Instagram page. Check out one of his previous posts about her below.

Lil Kim and Mr. Papers called it quits in 2012 after she discovered he was unfaifthful just after they welcomed their daughter. Last fall, he did a freestyle in attempt to get the rapper to let him see his daughter. Interestingly enough, Williams dished about that on her show too, which Mr. Papers posted on his Instagram.

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Authored by: Char Patterson