Azealia Banks Says Kim Kardashian Needs To Lighten Her Skin Tremendously For Beauty Shoot: I Like The White Version Of Kim

Azealia Banks Says Kim Kardashian Needs To Lighten Her Skin Tremendously For Beauty Shoot: I Like The White Version Of Kim

As Kim Kardashian gears up to celebrate her fifth wedding anniversary to husband Kanye West, she’s giving her fans the opportunity to share in the joy of one of her most special moments, courtesy of a new makeup collection from her KKW Beauty line. Rapper Azealia Banks is weighing in, sharing her two cents on the images.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

On Friday, May 24th, reality star/beauty mogul/future attorney Kim Kardashian will officially celebrate five years of marriage to her husband, iconic rapper/producer/designer Kanye West. The couple tied the knot back in 2014, and to celebrate the milestone, Kardashian is releasing a new collection through her KKW Beauty line, called Mrs. West, featuring products that mimic the beauty look she had on her wedding day.

To get fans ready for the product launch, Kardashian and her MUA Mario Dedivanovic have been teasing the collection with photos from the campaign. Apparently, seeing the wedding-inspired pics is what propelled rapper Azealia Banks to comment on one of photos Dedivanovic posted to his Instagram.

According to her comments, which are quite lengthy, Banks thinks that Kardashian should “tremendously” lighten the photos for the campaign (and in general) because she prefers “the white version” of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

Her initial comment read:

“Not even trying to be weird but I think her skin needs to be lightened tremendously for this campaign and in general. The version of Kim Kardashian I like is the white version. I think the KKW team in general has lost the plot as far as K’s original appeal being due to her proximity to American waspiness and upper-crust *lighter skinned* Arab/middle eastern beauty standards. The reason American fell in love with Kim is because it was able to have a black(ish) woman without actually having to deal with a black woman.”

Banks continued, adding:

“All this black-up you guys put on her makes her less appealing to me. A dark skinned white woman does not equal a light skinned black woman and quite frankly I think she’s got access to too much Amazing high world art fashion s**t to still be tanning like a low level European escort. Everything doesn’t always have to give snail trail for Kim at this point. Snail trail meaning contemporary pussy on the Instagram platter . The white gurl turned video vixen trend is tired. Tell Kim to give the girls blissful carefree white American woman fantasy on the aesthetic and really get her Martha Stewart corporate fish on … and then buy cheapyxo lol.”

And finally:

“Give the girls silly hairy Eastern European arm hair with the olive skin. If all these weird ppl are online give uglychic and body acceptance I’m sure y’all can find someone to sell the natural everlasting Armenian puss. The effervescent ancestral mountainous Armenian puss and give very much that…. work.”

Unsurprisingly, Kim nor Mario have responded to Banks’ comments—and they likely won’t. This also isn’t the first or likely the last time that Banks will voice her opinions about fellow celebrities.

The Mrs. West makeup collection will be available on on May 24th at 12 PM PST. You can check out a closer look at the collection and campaign photos BELOW:


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings