Blac Chyna Spotted For The 1st Time W/ Mom Tokyo Toni Since Reconciling

Blac Chyna Reunites With Mom Tokyo Toni At Atlanta Skating Event

Blac Chyna is following up her unexpected reunion with her mother by linking up with her at a recent outing. Tokyo Toni, Chyna’s estranged mother, came out to a local Atlanta skating event to support her daughter.

After a lengthy estrangement, Blac Chyna and her mom Tokyo Toni are apparently attempting to mend their relationship. The mother/daughter duo initially reunited late last week and based on her surprise appearance at Chyna’s recent event, their reunion is going strong.

As Chyna hosted a Trap and Skate event at Atlanta’s Cascade Family Skating Rink this weekend, which is reportedly being filmed for her upcoming reality series, attendees were surprised to see her mom, Tokyo Toni show up. The pair seemed to be having a good time together with hugs and smiles all around.

Following the event, Toni posted an emotional message on her Instagram:

“Thank you God “ Allah” for all you do. Thank you for hearing my prayers cries and anger!!!!!! You knew this day was coming I just did not know. You are the creator of all things that exist here on earth and across the universe and everything in the middle. I thank God for all of my mistakes because without them I could not learn!! I think God for chastising me and making me understand my position as a mother! I have my faults my wrongs and my rights but at the end of the day it all belongs to God everything!! When I pray I pray for real I don’t pray just to say the words I’m all in! To see my daughter again face-to-face stopped my heart honestly I don’t know how I’m still breathing. The backed up to years came together through my tight hugs given to my daughter my only child my baby my princess my seed Angela. It takes a village to raise a child and I am passing much out over to windy as a goddaughter. People may not get a long fight fuss and argue but at the end of the day growth and maturity prevails. #zeusnetwork #teamchyna #tokyoangel #tokyotoni I want to thank all of my daughters fans followers and supporters for sticking by her through these rough times. I want to thank all of my family my friends my associates my followers and my fans for sticking in there with me whether I was right or wrong. I think everyone breathing that put positive energy into the air across the universe for this to happen. Nothing and I mean nothing could ever come between me and my child again. No amount of money exposure clandestine behaviors or anything other than death will keep me from her. This is my child the love of my life all that I have!!! now it’s time for me to see Matt to Earth Angels KING AND DREAM (( Imma lose it)?????????????????? I also want to thank the people in Atlanta for being so genuine and real with me. I want to thank the hotel employees for being very kind to me. I want to thank my daughters assistant for being such a good friend to her. I want to thank my closest friends for being in my ear and keeping me grounded. I will never change who I am I’ll only get better with what I do !! #tokyotoni ??????????”

Chyna also posted a simple message on her own Instagram that read:

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.”

She followed that up with a video with a caption proclaiming, “Love you mommy!”:

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings