Meek Mill – Cosmopolitan Hotel Reacts To Claims Of Discrimination, Rapper Says: Y’all Are NOT Gonna Just Treat Us Like Sh*t! [VIDEO]

Meek Mill – Cosmopolitan Hotel Reacts To Claims Of Discrimination, Rapper Says: Y’all Are NOT Gonna Just Treat Us Like Sh*t! [VIDEO]

Rapper Meek Mill is adamant that he was racially profiled this past weekend at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. He was there to perform at the celebrity hot spot, Drais, and attempted to attend DJ Mustard‘s party at Cosmo when he was stopped by security. Meek says that there was no reason for him to be stopped at the door, other than being a Black rapper. He tweeted:

“If you come from our culture you should never step foot in the cosmopolitan hotel they just really racist as hell …. something really has to be done in Las Vegas what they doing to black people! They telling black rappers they are banned from properties they own without incident … they just told me I was trespassing and I will be arrested I stepped in that hotel once at a jayz party without incident! The cosmopolitan hotel …. and it’s a few other hotels that be doing this to black entertainers because they don’t want too many blacks on they property! Vegas notorious for this too its not just me!!!! I needs lawyers ASAP y’all not gone treat me like I’m just a rapper and expect me to be quiet”

He also provided video footage of him and his camp being addressed by Cosmopolitan Hotel security.

However, Cosmo has their own version of the story. The hotel issued a statement, claiming the hotel was at capacity, hence Meek Mill and his crew being turned away. The statement reads:

“Marquee Dayclub had reached capacity per Las Vegas Fire Marshall code. Earlier that day, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police had been called onsite to manage a larger than usual venue crowd.”

“Accordingly, when Marquee Dayclub was contacted in advance of Meek Mill’s arrival, security staff clarified that he would not be granted access because of capacity issues, in accordance with both club and resort policy. Upon his arrival, it was reiterated to Meek Mill and his team for a second time that access to the venue was not permitted. Meek Mill refused to depart property and was then informed that any continued attempt would result in trespassing.”

But the “24/7” rapper isn’t buying the hotel’s statement. He continued on Twitter declaring discrimination will not be tolerated anywhere he goes.

Meek Mill’s attorney Joe Tacopina retorted with his own statement:

“The assertion that the Cosmopolitan denied Meek because of capacity concerns at Marquee Dayclub is outright false. In the recorded video, Meek also inquired about getting a meal at one of the hotel’s restaurants, yet their security team continued to deny Meek and said he would be arrested for trespassing regardless of location in the premises. The Cosmopolitan’s conduct continues to be deplorable.”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay