Lil Duval Says ‘P-Valley’ Needs A ‘Super Gay Advisory’ After Latest Episode, Writer Of Series & Fans React To His Comments

Lil Duval, Patrik-Ian Polk

Lil Duval Says ‘P-Valley’ Needs A ‘Super Gay Advisory’ After Latest Episode, Writer Of Series & Fans React To His Comments

Looks like Lil Duval was not here for the latest episode of “P-Valley”.

The comedian took to Twitter disparaging the show, after catching up with the latest Starz series episode, which aired this past Sunday (June 26th). “P-Valley” follows the lives of dancers and the club owners of a fictional Mississippi strip club called the PYNK. A few concepts explored on the show include business, drug life, Mississippi racial disparities, and the vast spectrum of sexuality.

Lil Duval, 45, who seems to be a regular watcher of the series, claims that the show lost him as a fan after the latest episode. He tweeted:

“Yea p valley lost me. They need a super gay advisory on movies like they got for everything else. Cuz That’s a lot to see if u not use to it”

He continued:

“I can watch gay people all day but i don’t wanna see them fuck. And that’s not homophonic cuz i feel the same way about my momma. I can watch my momma but i don’t wanna see her F**K!!!! Do y’all get it?”

Though season 1 of the series showcased multiple same-sex scenes with the PYNK’s nonbinary owner Uncle Clifford, it seems the latest episode pushed some viewers to their limit. Episode 4 of the second season reportedly featured an intense love scene between Uncle Clifford’s boo Lil Murda and a new character in the series, Big Teak.

A writer from the show, who personally wrote the episode in question, Patrik-Ian Polk, responded to Duval’s opinion, jokingly suggesting the “Living My Best Life” artist finds something else to watch. He tweeted:

“As a writer and producer of P Valley, specifically a writer of this episode, I encourage you to step away from Chucalissa. This show is not for you. Go watch something else. Cuz the gay ain’t goin’ nowhere. #pvalley”


Patrik continued, stating that he believes straight men are triggered into questioning their own sexuality by watching gay love scenes. He stated:

The reality is: a lot of these “straight”men are triggered by these gay love scenes. Watching them brings up questions they have about their own sexuality. That ain’t got nothing to do with us or #PValley. Do the work; look inward!”


It seems fans had very mixed reactions to the conversation, some agreeing with Duval, and others backing up Patrik.


Did you catch the episode? Who are you more inclined to agree with? Let us know in the comments! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson