Affion Crockett’s Comedy Show Interrupted By Woman Claiming He Was Offensive

Affion Crockett

Affion Crockett’s Comedy Show Interrupted By Woman Claiming He Was Offensive

Can anyone take a joke anymore? 

Last night 11/12, Affion Crockett’s comedy show was interrupted by a woman who seemingly disagreed with his jokes. In a video posted on his Instagram, the 47-year-old comedian shared how a ‘Karen‘ tried to ruin his show. 


In the video, a woman who appears white stormed the stage. Attempting to figure out what her concerns were, Affion Crockett said,

“What’s the problem, what’s the problem? You gotta get justice! What’s the problem? I wanna know what the f*** she had to ask. What do you want to know.” 

The woman went on to explain that she was a woman married to a man and that Crockett’s jokes offended a lot of people. Continuing with his comedic flair, the comedian replied, 

“How? How am I insulting a lot of people by talking about sexual matters between adults? I’m talking about consulting adult s***. I have sex with a woman. So me being up here talking about my life is insulting to you?” 

When the woman replied ‘no,’ Affion said, 

“Then how do you speak for the whole crowd saying I’m insulting them? Is anyone else offended?

Affion Crockett

The crowd collectively responded with a no, and the woman was escorted off the stage. As she was leaving Affion Crockett added, 

“Bye Karen! See white people think they can do whatever the f*** they want. Storm the capital and storm my got d*** stage.” 

Crockett also captioned the video saying, 

“So tonight I had my first KAREN storm the stage like the Capitol. I can’t make this shit up. When I perform, I SAID WHAT I SAID. If you don’t like it, don’t come. Cancel Deez n***.” 

It’s important to mention the name ‘Karen,’ is often used to describe a racist and/or entitled White woman.

Do you think comedy should be politically correct? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

Authored by: Ellori Nicole