Central Park 5 Investigator Linda Fairstein Being Pushed Out Of Non-Profit Amid Backlash Over ‘When They See Us’

Central Park 5 Investigator Linda Fairstein Being Pushed Out Of Non-Profit Amid Backlash Over ‘When They See Us’

The backlash against Linda Fairsteina notable investigator in the case of The Central Park 5 continues. Based on the Netflix series When They See Us that tells the story of the five teenagers, Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, and Korey Wise who were wrongfully convicted for the assault of a woman, Fairstein, who was the leader of the Manhattan Sex Crimes Unit during the 1989 crime, was a key factor that lead to not only the boys being charged, but the case going to trial; despite none of their DNA being linked to the scene and the idea that none of them were aware of the details of the crime. The real rapist came forward after four of them served their time and while Wise was still behind bars. While they were in jail, Fairstein was releasing crime novels and moving on with her life. She is now being called out for her dominant role in the case, thanks to the release of When They See Us. 

Most recently, word is members of the Safe Horizon organization, want her removed, according to TMZ Tuesday. She’s been a part of the non-profit, which aims to help victims of abuse and violent crimes in New York City, for roughly 20 years, and is currently the Secretary. She’s said to have been on the outs since May 21, ten days before When They See Us premiered. That was the day almost 100 directors for the organization heard about Fairstein’s connection to the case and the Netflix project. Interestingly enough, some weren’t even aware that Fairstein served on the board of directors, and were upset when they found out. They were said to be livid that Fairstein played such a pivitol role in the organization that helps minorities despite her stance in The Central Park 5 case.

Safe Horizon workers demanded her removal, and the CEO wanted time to consider. The staffers could sue to get Fairstein removed if the CEO refuses.

Meanwhile, Fairstein has deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

A boycott has also started in hopes of getting Fairstein’s books off of shelves. The hashtag #CancelLindaFairstein and even one against her publishers, Simon & Schuster, with the hashtag, #BoycottSimonSchuster.

Santana spoke out and said it’s never too late for Fairstein to be held accountable for what she did to them.

“Even if it’s 30 years later, she has to pay for her crime.”

When They See Us director Ava Duvernay confirmed that she attempted to include Fairstein, prosecutor Elizabeth Lederer, detective Mike Sheehan and the victim of the assault, Trisha Meili, in the project, but Fairstein wanted to approve the script first.

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Ava Duvernay

“Yes, I reached out to Ms. Meili, I reached out to Ms. Fairstein, I reached out to Ms. Lederer, I reached out to Mr. Sheehan—a lot of the key figures on the other side. I informed them that I was making the film, that they would be included, and invited them to sit with me and talk with me so that they could share their point of view and their side of things so that I could have that information as I wrote the script with my co-writers.”

“Linda Fairstein actually tried to negotiate. I don’t know if I’ve told anyone this, but she tried to negotiate conditions for her to speak with me, including approvals over the script and some other things. So, you know what my answer was to that, and we didn’t talk.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson