Robert De Niro’s Estranged Wife Says He’s Worth $500 Million, She Wants Half

Robert De Niro’s Estranged Wife Says He’s Worth $500 Million, She Wants Half

The estranged wife of Robert De Niro hopes to secure half of his $500 million bag, according to reports. At least that’s how much she says he’s worth. The chances of Grace Hightower getting the $250 million might be slim since their prenup that dates back to to 2004 allows her to get a $6 million apartment, $500,000 in cash and $1 million for alimony every year.

Still, in divorce proceedings in a Manhattan Supreme Court Thursday, Hightower said that thanks to his alleged net worth, she should get more than what they agreed.

Robert de Niro & Grace Hightower

De Niro and Hightower married in 1997 and ironically divorced in 1999. But the divorce was never finalized and the two renewed their vows in 2004. The dispute comes based on the prenup they signed then. De Niro insists that it plainly irons out what Hightower should get. Hightower says the prenup also allows her to get half of what he has made since they got remarried. Since 2004, De Niro has starred in several films including Meet The Fockers in 2004, Silver Linings Playbook in 2012 and The Intern in 2015. He also has a stake in the Nobu sushi chain. On top of that, she wants half of what he brought in via his share in Tribeca Grill, the Greenwich Hotel and Canal Productions.

Her lawyer, Allan Mantel, said to a judge Thursday,

“Mr. De Niro has made $300 million since 2004 via 35 businesses, and 38 movies. His total income is more than $500 million. He gets it all.”

As previously reported, the pair split and released a statement in 2018.

“Grace and I have two beautiful children together. We are entering a period of transition in our relationship which is a difficult but constructive process.  I honor Grace as a wonderful mother and ask for privacy and respect from all as we proceed to develop our roles as partners in parenting.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson