Music Producer Detail Accused Of Inappropriately Touching Singer: I Didn’t Know What To Do Or What To Say

Music Producer Detail Accused Of Inappropriately Touching Singer: I Didn’t Know What To Do Or What To Say

Music producer Detail (real name Noel Fisher) is being accused of inappropriately touching a woman. The Detroit-bred producer has made hits for Beyonce (‘Drunk In Love’), Nicki Minaj and Drake.

Today, singer/songwriter Neisha Neshae shared a lengthy social media message, alleging that the music producer got a bit handsy with her while in a recording studio. Sharing her alleged experience while working with him, she claims that he inappropriately touched her. Posting an image of him from another story that was headlined, “More Women Are Coming Forward With Misconduct Allegations Against Music Producer Detail”, she writes:

I wasn’t going to ever do this … buttt I gotta get it off my chest , y’all remember when I went to work with detail in LA. (Mind you my team of 4 men were there with me) I was there for 12 hours, I recorded 9 records he wrote. I have not seen or heard not one of those songs. Not only that, he DID come into the booth while I was WORKING, touching on me & trying to convince me to keep working amidst that. Not only had I felt undervalued he would ever try me but there were 4 people with me that would’ve body bagged this dude over this shit. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to say… having experienced being molested as a child I was frozen & hurt… and I was even more sick I never got my songs.. probably because I didn’t throw my p*ssy. Which I ain’t never had to do to get where I am… so ????????

If you’re in the industry you KNOW it’s a game where people will try you ! If that’s something you’re into to get where you’re going WHATEVER , but it’s not my cup of tea… & Keep people around you who protect you and care for your well being because I honestly don’t know what would’ve happened if I would’ve been alone. I love y’all. Stay YOU.

This isn’t the first time that Detail has been accused of inappropriate acts. In 2018, has was accused of raping two women. According to reports, two women, Kristina Buch and Peyton Ackley were suing the producer. Buch claimed Detail forced her “to have vaginal/anal sex with him after recording songs on multiple occasions”. She stated that she was physically attacked by him in a Malibu hotel.

After news hit about the lawsuit, other women took to social media making similar claims.

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Detail has yet to respond to Neisha Neshae’s claims.

Authored by: TJB Writer