Rihanna Almost Drops Her Phone, After Discovering Look-A-Like Child [Photo]

Rihanna Almost Drops Her Phone, After Discovering Look-A-Like Child [Photo]

Singer Rihanna was caught off guard after discovering her young twin, look-alike on social media. After finding the adorable girl, the 31-year-old singer shared a photo that has taken many by surprise. The Fenty beauty mogul posted a shot of her young look-alike, dressed in a white two-piece, detailed with sunflowers. Rihanna writes how she almost dropped her phone after seeing the photo of her literal mini me. She captioned the image:

“Almost drop my phone, how?”

She’s not the only one losing it over the similarities of the two. After sharing, her post was liked by more than 5 million followers while several celebrities and personalities took to her comments to post their reaction to the unbelievable comparison. From La La Anthony to Joseline Hernandez, both agreed with the Fenty founder. Comedian King Keeaun writes,

”She gone play you one day.”

Everything from the young girl’s straight hair, to her eye color and her pose has everyone losing their minds over the singer’s mini-me. There’s no baby filter here, check out another photo of their mind blowing similar looks.

Earlier this month, Rihanna shared a touching video of her emotional reunion with her former teacher, Mr. Estwick. The reunion took place at the 2019 Cricket World Cup, as they hugged each other and caught up. In the clip, Rihanna is seen hugging him while she cries. She wrote,

“This is my teacher from school! He was a mentor and father figure to me. I haven’t seen him in years!”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette