Loni Love Will NOT Refer To Her Boyfriend As Her Husband: ‘That’s A Different Level’

Loni Love, James Welsh

Loni Love Will NOT Refer To Her Boyfriend As Her Husband:  ‘That’s A Different Level’

Don’t expect Loni Love to use the “hubby” label with her boyfriend, James Welsh.  She took to social media to explain why she won’t be doing so.

“Someone texted me..”come to my event and bring your hubby”… I texted back “I don’t have a hubby. I have a boyfriend”.. some of y’all get yo boyfriends mixed up with what a hubby is.. I don’t.. that’s a different level ….”

She also responded to a fan who said the friend could have simply thought Loni and Welsh are meant to be. Loni said,

“But that was not her place to do that.. she can’t make decisions for me..”
Loni introduced Welsh to fans and the public last fall. She’s never been hesitant to speak about him or share their experiences on her daytime talk show The Real. She confirmed in January that they’re “exclusive” after Welsh asked her to be.

They also were coupled up on “Ellen” together.

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Authored by: Char Patterson