Activist DeRay McKesson Could Be Sued For Officer’s Injuries In 2016 Protest, Says ‘It Makes No Sense’

DeRay McKesson

Activist DeRay McKesson Could Be Sued For Cop’s Injuries In 2016 Protest, Says ‘It Makes No Sense’

Activist DeRay McKesson is challenging a lawsuit against him from a Baton Rouge, Louisiana police officer. The legal action reportedly stems from the officer, identified as John Doe’s claims that he was hit with a rock during protests in 2016 that challenged the murder of unarmed Black man Alton Sterling by a police officer. While the case was dismissed on First Amendment grounds, an appeals court determined that McKesson could still be responsible for the alleged injuries Doe suffered.

He explained the news on Twitter Wednesday morning.

According to reports, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that McKesson was negligent when he told protestors to block an area just outside of the Baton Rouge police headquarters.

The court said in documents obtained,

“We perceive no Constitutional issue with Mckesson being held liable for injuries caused by a combination of his own … conduct and the violent actions of another that were foreseeable as a result of that … conduct.”

Judge E. Grady Jolly then sent the case back to the court that first dismissed it for review.

theJasmineBRAND previously reported that McKesson was arrested in 2016. He posted a series of tweets to detail his experience.


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Authored by: Char Patterson