Eva Marcille Legally Changed Daughter’s Last Name To Her Husband’s: I Raised Her As A Single Mom

Marley Rae, Eva Marcille

Eva Marcille Legally Changed Daughter’s Last Name To Her Husband’s: I Raised Her As A Single Mom

Eva Marcille has officially changed her daughter, Marley Rae’s last name, and she’s telling fans why.

She explained that she gave Marley her biological father’s, Kevin McCall’slast name when she was born in 2014.

Kevin McCall, Eva Marcille

But Eva and McCall broke up two months after Marley was born.

“I raised her as a single mom. And then the good Lord saw fit for me to meet an amazing man, Michael Sterling, who has become my husband and the father of my later children.”

Marcille and Sterling welcomed baby Michael in April 2018. They tied the knot last October. She’s also currently pregnant with her and Sterling’s second child together, who is due to arrive this fall.


Marley and Michael, Jr.

Michael Sterling, Eva Marcille

Eva added,

“We all have the name Sterling, and Marley’s the only one with her biological father’s name. I saw it necessary and Mike saw it necessary to change her name, and so we’ve been going through the process, which I must say is not an easy process and is not for the faint at heart. But we’ve been working through it and yesterday, I can say, thank you for the honorable Judge Manning here in Fulton County Court, [who] granted me a name change for Marley. She is now officially and legally Marley Rae Sterling.”

She continued and said that Marley’s birth certificate, social security card, and other documents will reflect the name change.

“For my family it’s amazing. I never wanted my daughter to feel like an odd man out. And I didn’t think about it when having her, but now that I am married and I do have more children, you know, she started our family. She is the head as far as the kids are concerned. I felt it was necessary that she take the same name that we have.”

McCall hasn’t said much about it. But he did retweet a fan who wrote,

“Eva Marcille got Kevin McCall f***ed up.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson