UPDATE: Michael Jackson’s Estate Responds To Ex Publicist’s Foundation Announcement – She Is Not Authorized In Any Way

UPDATE: Michael Jackson’s Estate Responds To Ex Publicist’s Foundation Announcement – She Is Not Authorized In Any Way

Michael Jackson’s estate is responding to the recent foundation announcement made by his former publicist Raymone Baine. They state,

Raymone Bain is not authorized to act on behalf of the Michael Jackson Estate nor to use Michael Jackson’s name in any way for charitable or her own commercial purposes.

Michael Jackson

Jackson’s estate said in its statement, “We do agree with (Bain’s) comments about ‘Leaving Neverland,’ “ adding it supported her

“encouraging a boycott of HBO over its inexcusable disparagement of Michael Jackson’s character.”

Their response comes amidst her announcing the Michael Jackson Legacy Foundation during a press conference Thursday. During the press conference, Bain explained that the foundation was

“a mandate he set forth to preserve, protect and defend his name, while supporting the numerous organizations he supported during his life. Michael Jackson might no longer be with us, but through this foundation, we are hoping he will continue to live among us.”

Baine has responded to the estate’s statement, telling us:

the Estate immediately released a statement against me, a few minutes after my international press conference, where I was defending Michael Jackson; but yet, has not released one effective statement denouncing Michael Jackson’s accusers. And, the
statement they did finally release, was as weak as water, as has been their overall defense of Michael Jackson.

If the Estate of Michael Jackson had been effective in its efforts, then I, and others, would not have had to step up. In no way did I ever indicate that I was either speaking on behalf of, or acting on behalf of, the Estate of Michael Jackson. Why would I want to? I walked 8 years
with the man himself, Michael Jackson…Why would I want to walk with imposters? Let me be clear, I have absolutely, unequivocally no interest in doing so as I find them pathetic.

The Estate of Michael Jackson needs to exercise their venom towards those whose goals are to hurt Michael Jackson. I’m still waiting on a strong statement from them against Messrs. Robson, Reed, and Safechuck. I guess since I am not “authorized” they were “authorized”
to sit on the world stage and accuse Michael Jackson of molestation, since they’ve used more aggression against me, than they have them. I wonder why?

Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50.

Authored by: Kellie Williams