Kevin Durant Says He Never Fit In W/ Warriors & Hasn’t Spoken To Anyone From The Thunder: I’ll Never Be Attached To That City Again

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Says He Never Fit In W/ Warriors & Hasn’t Spoken To Anyone From The Thunder: I’ll Never Be Attached To That City Again

Since packing his bags two months ago from the Bay Area, NBA star and newly signed Brooklyn Net, Kevin Durant opens up on his thoughts on his former teammates and teams that who helped shape him to make his decision before signing his 4-year/$164 million deal.

The 2-time NBA Finals MVP says he was conflicted about leaving Steph Curry and the Warriors but after three seasons, he never quite felt fully accepted during his three seasons with the team.

“As time went on, I started to realize I’m just different from the rest of the guys. It’s not a bad thing. Just my circumstances and how I came up in the league. And on top of that, the media always looked at it like KD and the Warriors. So it’s like nobody could [get] a full acceptance of me there.”

Prior to joining the Warriors, Durant spent nearly ten years with the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the summer of 2016, the 2-time NBA champion took a page out of LeBron’s book and helped create a “super team,” by joining the Warriors. Following his departure, Durant says Thunder fans gave him a toxic feeling,

“Such a venomous toxic feeling when I walked into that arena. And just the organization, the trainers and equipment managers, those dudes is pissed off at me? Ain’t talking to me? I’m like, Yo, this is where we going with this? Because I left a team and went to play with another team?”

He continues, adding how playing for Oklahoma has shaped and changed his life in more ways than basketball.

“I’ll never be attached to that city again because of that. I eventually wanted to come back to that city and be part of that community and organization, but I don’t trust nobody there. That s–t must have been fake, what they was doing. The organization, the GM, I ain’t talked to none of those people, even had a nice exchange with those people, since I left.”

As previously reported, Durant underwent surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles he suffered during  Game 5 of the NBA Finals. After his injury, many places blame with the Warriors who were believed to have pushed Durant back on the floor with a right calf strain. Durant strongly says,

“Hell, no. How can you blame the Warriors? Hell, no.”

He adds,

“I heard the Warriors pressured me into getting back. Nobody never said a word to me during rehab as I was coming back. It was only me and [director of sports medicine and performance] Rick [Celebrini] working out every day. Right when the series started, I targeted Game 5. Hell, nah. It just happened. It’s basketball. S— happens. Nobody was responsible for it. It was just the game.”

The NBA star has a long road to recovery as he’s is expected to miss the upcoming season. Before his Game 5 appearance, Durant had not played for Golden State since injuring his calf against the Rockets on May 9.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette