Tekashi 6ix9ine Details Gang Hierarchy & Initiation Process, Says Trippie Redd Is A Gang Member During Testimony

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Tekashi 6ix9ine Details Gang Hierarchy & Initiation Process, Says Trippie Redd Is A Gang Member During Testimony

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s highly anticipated testimony against the man who allegedly kidnapped him began Tuesday (Sept. 17).

It was previously reported that Anthony Ellison is accused of kidnapping rapper Tekashi, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, during an internal gang battle over his popular music career. His testimony has been long-awaited since he and some of his alleged Nine Trey Bloods gang members were arrested in November for racketeering allegations. Interestingly enough, he attempted to part ways with the gang just days before. He agreed to testify against the gang 24 hours after being arrested, in an attempt to cooperate with the authorities and cut a deal.

A reporter from inside the courtroom gave detailed updates via Twitter.

The “FEFE” rapper first confirmed he’s from Bushwick, Brooklyn and went to school as far as 10th grade. He added that he has been in federal custody ever since the day he was arrested.

He confirmed he’s a member of the Nine Trey Bloods and that they took part in activities such as

“robberies, assaults, drugs…”

He also said he recognized his alleged kidnapper and fellow gang members Ellison, pointing out that defendants Ellison had on a gray suit and [Aljermiah “Nuke”] Mack, stating he was wearing a brown suit.

Hernandez first worked as a grocery store delivery boy, then a busboy before becoming a rapper. He was discovered in the store after a man named Peter Rogers asked him if he rapped and told Hernandez, 

“You look cool.”

Hernandez said back then his music was more of a blend between rock-n-roll and rap. He added he had an unsuccessful tour in Europe where he made roughly $2,000.

Things changed for him when he dropped the music video for “Gummo,” in 2017, which was filmed in Bed Stuy. By then, he had signed a 20% management deal with Seiko Billy, who Hernandez said is a member of Nine Trey. Hernandez said considering Billy’s alleged gang affiliation, he was able to provide real gang members for the music video. That’s also when Hernandez met his ex-manager, Kifano “Shotti” Jordanwho was recently sentenced to 15 years for his involvement in a shootout.

Tekashi, Kifano “Shotti” Jordan

Shotti told Hernandez upon meeting him,

“We with you little homie.”

They also brought lots of red bandanas. The video was played in the courtroom and Hernandez confirmed there were real guns in it. He also noted that “Gummo” was a diss song.

He said he released “Gummo” via YouTube, which subsequently resulted in viral fame for him, and alleged that rapper Trippie Redd is a member of the Five Nine Brims gang.

Trippie Redd

As for his song “Kooda,” Hernandez said,

“I knew I had a formula, to repeat it, the gang, what is the word image, I would say, promote it, you know what I’m trying to say? That’s what people like.”

He said the song was named after a kid who he thought was talented. He added,

“If you replace N-word with ‘people,’ that’s what I meant. No one understood how rainbow hair could be wiht the Bloods…Fifty means to be on point, to be aware.”

Before going on break, Hernandez was asked how he came up with his lyrics, and if his connection to Nine Trey helped. He seemed to be confused by the question.

He then explained the initiation process of getting into Nine Trey.

“You had to shoot your 31 to be initiated you had to do work. Like, cutting someone’s face.”

But Hernandez said he didn’t have to do those things, he simply had to

“keep making hits and giving financial support to the gang. Equipping with guns. Like, so they could buy guns.”

As for how he benefitted, he said the gang helped his career and gave him,

“credibility, protection.”

He then demonstrated the gang’s handshake that he said he and Shotti did frequently. He also gave a breakdown of the gang’s hierarchy.


His testimony will continue Wednesday (Sept. 18).

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Authored by: Char Patterson