Felipe Vázquez of Pittsburgh Pirates Charged W/ Sexual Assault, Accused Of Having Sexual Relationship With 13-Year-Old Girl

Felipe Vázquez of Pittsburgh Pirates Charged W/ Sexual Assault, Accused Of Having Sexual Relationship With 13-Year-Old Girl

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez was arrested yesterday (9/17/19) in Pittsburgh and is being charged with statutory sexual assault of a minor, unlawful contact with a minor, corruption of a minor, and indecent assault in both Pennsylvania and Florida. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says they began investigating last month after being tipped that he had been in a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl (who is now 15-years-old). Police statements show they maintained communication via text message, where Felipe was found sending videos of him performing sex acts. On July 23rd, the young girl’s mother reportedly found the messages, and made Felipe aware that she was a child.

Pittsburgh Pirates President Frank Coonelly issued this statement on the arrest:

“Today we were made aware of an active law enforcement investigation involving Felipe Vazquez and his subsequent arrest. We take this matter, and these charges in particular, extremely seriously. We have informed the Commissioner’s Office of the investigation and arrest. The Commissioner’s Office will immediately place Felipe Vazquez on Administrative Leave pursuant to the Joint MLB/MLBPA Policy. We need to be respectful to all involved and the ongoing legal proceeding. As a result, the organization, our staff and players cannot comment any further at this time.”

According to the Major League Baseball organization’s domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy, a player can remain on administrative leave up to seven days, but it can be extended. Felipe Vázquez will be paid on his leave, but his team could attempt to void his multi-million dollar contract.

The team’s manager, Clint Hurdle, met with Felipe’s teammates before their Seattle game the day of the 28-year-old’s arrest – discussing how the Pirates would move forward:

“We talked about a lot of different emotions that were stirred up today in a lot of different places,” Hurdle said, “and how do we connect and support our way through those emotions. How do we continue to find ways to improve and hold ourselves to a high standard on and off the field. And what can we do from an organizational standpoint to help with any questions, any thoughts.”

Felipe Vázquez is currently being held in the Allegheny County Jail in Pittsburgh.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay